Those were the days my friend, I thought they’d never end…..

We just enjoyed a fun weekend with our daughter and two of her college girlfriends. They were bussed into Tampa to serve at the Superbowl breakfast with a large group from the school.

The weekend went something like this: 
Girls each throw some clothes into a duffel bag at 3:30 pm on Friday.
Jump into a van full of college students at 4pm. Head to Central Florida from Southern Florida with very LOUD music keeping the driver alert.
Stop three times to eat. Arrive at your 4 hour destination 8 hours later due to food stops and getting lost a few times.
Stay up until the weeee morning hours chatting with the gang on the Church gym floor that is tonight your bedroom. (not sure how they separated guys from girls, I forgot to ask that part. However, it is a Christian college so surely….)
Anyway, wake up at 4am to be at the USF Sun Dome at 6am.
Serve breakfast to umpteen thousands who came to see Tony Dungy and a few other FAMOUS jocks.
Call Mom at 10am instead of the expected 12:00 to pick you all up (NO PROBLEM, I can be ready in 5 minutes)!!
Drive to Mel’s Hotdogs to treat your friends to a FAMOUS Chicago Dog in Tampa.
Go home and SLEEEEPPP, all three together in one bed even though our home has 3 available.
Wake up to Mom’s kisses at 3:00pm and spread out to all the bathrooms in the house to shower and get dressed for a Basketball game at University of Tampa that your home team is playing. Pile into the car with Mom and Dad and head to said game about 30 minutes late through Tampa Super Bowl traffic, no worries.
Game was fun, not a winner but fun nonetheless.

Mom and Daughter at University of Tampa on a different outing since Mom was the one taking photos on this one!

Go home to the dinner that was requested last week that includes the following favorites:

Slow Cooked Pork Roast smothered in BBQ sauce that has been filling the house with anticipation all day
ARMY sized pot of home made mashed potatoes that Mom whipped up while we were napping
Fresh Tomatoes/Mozzarella Salad
Buttery Sweet Corn
MOM’s famous SWEET TEA!
Red Velvet Cake for dessert (Store bought as you can see by the cardboard on the bottom)

served at the Dining Room Table WITH Candles!

Sit around the table after dinner and tell dorm stories that TOTALLY freak out your mother!!

Decide at the last minute to find a sporting goods store that stays open all night so you can buy Super Bowl T-Shirts.
Grab the keys, head to the car, come back in and ask dad for money to buy the shirts for everyone!!

Get home from shopping with many more bags than would be needed for 3 T-Shirts, and trot back upstairs to pile on the bed and begin telling the other parts of the stories that Mom CAN NOT hear!

Fall asleep long after Mom and Dad have called it a night.

Wake up in the morning to Mom’s kisses and crawl down the steps to eat the scrambled cheese eggs, bacon, sausage and OJ, that Dad has whipped up.
Take over all 3 bathrooms in the house (AGAIN) to get ready to head back to college.
Pile into the car to be driven to the airport using tickets that Dad purchased for all three of you!
Drag all 10 bags out of the car and into the airport while Mom asks about drivers license and boarding passes.

Hugs, Kisses. Blessings and See you laters….11:00 am.

Mom and Dad drive away….Dad’s cell phone rings….11:10 am
“Mom, I have your cell phone. I am so sorry, it was in my purse and I forgot”

Mom and dad turn around and go back through Departing flights (NO small feat!!)
Mom sprints into airport to find beautiful daughter coming her way with cell phone extended.

Hugs, Kisses, Blessings and See you laters…..11:20 am.

Mom and Dad arrive home.
Mom plops on couch to rest and Dad goes into his office to balance his checkbook.

Both are reflecting on the precious days that have just ended.

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  1. I’m exhausted just reading this!!! I wouldn’t want to be back in college for any amount of money. I can barely make it to the 10 o’clock news.

    You sound like a wonderful mother! Now go get some sleep…oh wait, I forgot, 3 bathrooms need cleaning!!!

  2. Whew. I’m tired just reading. You are a hoot. Amidst the busyness I can tell there was much joy. I love your side note of not sure how they separated the boys and girls but SURELY, since SURELY it is a Christian event.

    I was saying surely this week and someone (can’t remember who) kept saying why are you calling me Shirley. haha

    You’re such a good momma!

  3. Melinda, I know that you are ready, willing and able!!

    You are so right! It was a blast and AMEN!!!

    Karla and Paula, I am with you girls. I am exhausted but will be ready to go again soon as you well know!!

    Love you ladies, thanks for the visit!

  4. Whew! that was tiring…. great to hear about the visit with baby girl none the less. I have those days ahead soon.

  5. I can tell you loved every minute of this whirlwind weekend. Sounds like the entire time was covered and soaked in love and laughter. Happy memories.


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