This little light of mine…I’m gonna let it…???

Uhmmmm…??? Honestly, sometimes, I’m just not so sure.

Best Yes

I grew up spending summers so sticky and hot even the moss dripping from the huge old oak  tress of Savannah, Ga-hung deadly still. All any of us could manage, was to hang on for the first cool morning breeze that would find it’s way off the Atlantic coast.

As a little girl with 3 younger sisters our Summer routine included an annual visit to the sprawling estate home of Juliette Gordon Lowe for “Girl Scout Camp”. WE would sleep in tiny tents with NO AIR CONDITIONING–strung across the thick green grass that grew to the very edge of the salty marsh groves. As the sun would begin to set and we could actually MOVE without melting, one of our nighttime favorites was catching Fireflies in our palms and torturing them (I mean watching them glow).

This morning, as I was reading my fresh off the press copy of The Best Yes (as I said in my last post this is my 2nd time reading this amazing book!), God reminded me of the Fireflies of my youth.

You see, I have been having a SLIGHT LIGHT problem over the past few months. You may not have noticed it, or maybe you did, but trust me, My LIFE LIGHT HAS BEEN TRAPPED by an enemy for the shear pleasure of his torture. He’s like that, yes he is!

I have been through a few things this year that have just about stolen every ounce of glow I have in my mind, body and spirit. Things that one minute, I didn’t think I “deserved” and the next minute convinced I completely “deserved”!! My heart has come very close to being left totally LIGHTLESS.

Today, I skipped to the back of Lysa Terkeurst’s book The Best Yes to Chapter 18. I had to. I needed the reminder I knew was there. You see I had the honor of being asked by Lysa to read the manuscript before it was printed and to give her feedback. WOW. Talk about God’s divine appointments. He knew I couldn’t wait–that manuscript being in my hands EARLY probably saved my LIGHT!

The Chapter I read today is called “When My Best Yes Doesn’t Yield What I Expect”. I needed to reread that Chapter. It did not disappoint me. In fact, it revived my heart AGAIN!

Here is a quote:

“From that cracked open heart place, a God breathed strength will RISE, RISE, RISE, and help you spit in Satan’s face as you declare, You picked the wrong woman to mess with this time!”

How about you friend? Can you relate? Has your light gone out, or maybe just gotten a bit dim? Have you had a “cracked open place” lately? God’s timing for this book is PERFECT for YOU! I would love to share it with you!

I have been traveling so much over the past few months that I haven’t had time to organize a home party for Lysa’s book lunch on August 12, in fact, I am speaking all day that day.

Webcast Graphic[6]

So–I’m going to VIRTUALLY HOST a–“Lets hang out together from our own Family Room’s in our PJ’S Party” to watch Lysa’s LIVE Launch Party and giving away 10 Books! Thats’ how much I love it!

Would you like to join me?

Tell me in the comments below or send me an email at 

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  1. Oh, I wish I could join, but I’ll still be at work during the webcast. I am definitely adding this book to my reading list, though.

    I’ve been having a “light and life” problem myself the last few months and I think God is just beginning to crack me open. You perfectly described what I’ve been struggling to put into words. Looking forward to reading Lysa’s words 🙂

    1. Lisa, I’ll bet they tape it for you to watch later! I’ll enter you in my book give-away!!
      Praying for your LIGHT journey!!

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