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This little light of mine…I want to let it shine!

Transcript from Permission to Pause Episode #47–LIGHT!

Greetings friend,

Thank you for taking the time to pause with me.

Let’s settle our hearts together and as I shared in the intro—lift our heads, close your eyes if you can, let your focus settle on the sweetness of Gods’ Word for you–

Ephesians chapter 5:8 says, “You were once in darkness but now you are light in the Lord, live as children of the light for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness righteousness and truth.”

Let’s pause and consider the word LIGHT!
I have always been afraid of the dark to some degree or another. As a little girl I was very scared of the dark and often would cry myself to sleep at night even though I was in a room with three younger sisters most of my young life. I was petrified of the dark.

A few evenings ago, I noticed such an interesting thing about the darkness I had never thought about before. We have two great Pyrenees dogs who watch over our goats. In fact, they are called LGD’s or livestock guardian dogs. It is in their very nature to protect! These dogs are not for everyone, because they tend to bark all through the night. You have to have them in areas of acreage or lowly populated areas where you don’t have a lot of neighbors because they bark all night just to let predators know that they are there, and they cannot mess with their goats.

Last night I noticed that the dogs started barking when it was just beginning to get dark. It was actually dusk. It occurred to me that darkness is a gradual process. In the evenings it doesn’t happen suddenly, it happens gradually, as it begins to turn from light to dark.

Today, as we pause together let’s rest our thoughts on the truth that it’s the same thing for us spiritually.

Darkness is a gradual process.

Little choices

Little steps

Course joking


Sexual immorality or the thoughts of sexual immorality



All those dark things begin to steal the light of Christ from our lives.

Paul says in this scripture that we were once in darkness but now we are light in the Lord and that we are to choose to live as children of the light.

One of the things I have learned about darkness is that it is a hiding place for






Jesus says that He is the light but just like anything else with Jesus we have to make a choice to accept all that He offers.

We have to choose to believe and walk in HIS light. If we are not intentional, before we know it—dusk turns to dark. f we are not careful, we risk becoming efficient in the darkness. Consider how a blind person learns to walk around in the environment they’re in. Eventually they learn where the stool is. They learn where the door is. They learn where a wall is. We do the same thing spiritually, we become efficient in the dark.

Jesus is offering us His LIGHT.

Paul is calling us to walk in the light.

Ephesians 5:13 says, “Everything exposed by the light becomes visible for it is light that makes everything visible.”
The longer we live in darkness the tougher it is for us to see Jesus—the good news is, he is A BETTER GUARDIAN than our beautiful Pyrenes.

John 8:12 says that Jesus is the light of the world.

I John 1:5 says God is light and there is no darkness in him.

Let’s not be afraid of the dark friend, lets pause and soak in in Gods’ light!

The One who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

Lets’ pause and acknowledge what possible darkness we have become comfortable in.

Is it watching TV shows or movies that we know we shouldn’t?

Is it allowing ourselves to gossip or judge another woman?

Let’s just pause and think about where we might have allowed ourselves to be comfortable in the darkness and ask God to shine His light on that darkness and to lead us into HIS light.

Let’s embrace the light, friends, before we risk becoming efficient in the dark.

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