This is the Day that the Lord has Made!!!!

Today, I have a Mission!!

A Flower Power Mission!

My name is Pat and I am a gardener want-to-be. 
I love gardening and having a beautiful yard. the bad news is, I just do not have time in my life to KEEP one that way. 
God has me doing lots of other things right now. Great things, Fun things, Amazing things, but hanging in the garden is not one of them! So, instead of regular maintenance that KEEPS things beautiful, I improvise! A couple of times a year I update all of my decorative pots, pull out some things I have let die a painful-ugly death, throw some mulch around to cover the dirt and make things LOOK cleaner and pop in some new garden plants.
Today is one of those days!
This is what I am starting with!!
I am planting some Morning Glory along a new fence that we put up with our neighbors a few months ago. It is right next to my pool and looks a little bare. I have tries having lots of different pretty things there but they get G-Kids overrun with pool days. Hopefully these fence huggers will survive!
Something new I found in Punta Gorda last weekend. Beautiful, tropical and full of blooms and buds.
We shall see!
30 Bags of Mulch!!
Honeyyy……where are you????…….
This is what it looked like Last Spring!
So here I go, off to Lowes!! I will let you see the results.
I truly believe that my Mansion in Heaven will have a garden like THIS!!!
or this…..
Now where in the world is that shovel!!???

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  1. You have a great sense of humor! I LOVE the garden photos in the last two pictures. Well, maybe your garden will look like that in a few years. I shouldn’t talk. My goal is to do an herb garden. Have a fun weekend in the yard.

  2. This week is our Spring break. Unfortunately it’s rainy and cold here in Texas, so no planting any flowers for now.

    After viewing that picture with all the mulch, you will need a new manicure and a massage for sure!

  3. Oh Pat! This is just what I needed to see today! Beautiful!
    See, it’s 40 and cloudy (again) here…and I am SO ready for spring to come…Your pictures reminded me that it WILL come…and that reminded me that JESUS too WILL come!!!!

  4. The place is looking good Mom! I’m glad to see the flowers made it home from Punta Gorda in one piece! I bet it was fun getting your bike out of their too!

    Catch ya later!

  5. Can’t wait to see your results. With snow still covering our ground here, it’s refreshing to see the promise of spring.

    We are the planting of the Lord to display His glory (Is. 61:3),

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