The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow..lalala

“Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun.”


But today–not so much.

Today, Tropical Storm Colin takes aim at Florida. My community is on lock down. Sand bags to block the flooding waters are being distributed to all. I have been in Florida for over 40 years so I have seen this stuff come and go. I have seen the false alarms and the destruction for those who don’t heed them.

Long ago I read a poem that struck me as true, in plain language.

The clouds that cover the sunshine-They can not banish the sun;
And the earth shines out the brighter-When the weary rain is done.
We must stand in the deepest shadow-To see the clearest light;
And often through wrong’s own darkness-Comes the very strength of light.
– Author Unknown

Maybe you can relate?! If you are having a cloudy day–be it on the inside or the outside–just remember, the sun WILL come out again!

How can we possibly understand or appreciate the beauty in our life’s storms without watching expectantly for the sun to come back out? I think we can all agree, the dark cloudy places of life are NOT where we long to linger. On a “cloudy day” when I’m feeling things like “why is this happening?” or “How will I go forward from here?”– it’s a little more difficult to see through the storm clouds and through those mucky thoughts to the truth of God’s word.

I KNOW that every day is predestined by the divine according to His will and understanding, I just want to remember it when I can’t SEE IT!

I love to remember words like James 1:2-4

Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

This scripture reminds me of that poem. Steadfast. Knowing. Understanding.

There is “the other side,” The sun will shine again.

Indeed the sun, the light, God’s light is never banished! Lets’ have faith and follow Him. AMEN?!!

Have a sunny day, anyway friends!


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