The Privilege, Power and Promise of Prayer

Thursday, May 7th, is the National Day of Prayer

The theme for this years is “Prayer….America’s Hope”. 

I have been praying about prayer for a few months now. 
I was invited to be the keynote speaker for our local participation in the National Day of Prayer here in Tampa. It is an incredible honor for me to be asked to serve in such a precious position.
I can easily recall days about 15 or so years ago when I was invited to be a small part of the COMMITTEE that put this event together. We would pray and seek God for His program plan, then we would search high and low across the Nation to find just the right keynote speaker for our event. 
I never in my wildest dreams imagined myself in that position. 
I served on the committee to bring the likes of Janet Parshall, Cal Thomas, Anne Graham Lotz and others to Tampa. I have watched as each one has shared with our auditorium filled house, how God had changed their lives through prayer. 
After about 5 or 6 years of serving, my own ministry demands pulled me off the committee but I have continued to be a part of the audience for the past 16 years!
When I was invited to be the keynote for this year, I was speechless, shocked even. 
When I think of how God has changed my life since those days THROUGH PRAYER, I am overwhelmed by His goodness. 
I am humbled by His Grace and Mercy. 
I am excited by His promises. 
I am committed to His instructions. 
I am submitted to His direction. 
I am surrendered to His service.
The scripture verse that has been chosen by Shirley Dobson and the National day of Prayer Committee is 
May your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord, even as we put our hope in you.
 Psalm 33:22.
I am a simple woman who has chosen to place all of my hope in God. 
He is a Sovereign God who has chosen to rest His unfailing love upon me.
Can you relate?
I would love to hear how Prayer has changed YOUR life!!!
Within a few days of my being invited, God gave me the story He wants me to share.
I am trusting His anointing and His desire to FILL THE HOUSE with HOPE. 
I am trusting Him to bless HIS us with His love and His house filling presence. 
Will you join me…..better yet, join Shirley and Beth and Tony and many other National leaders, as we corporately reach our hands and hearts and hopes towards heaven? 
Will you partner in this National event so that together we can storm the gates of Hell??
The National website has a 7 part prayer guide that I have copied off and placed at my Prayer Chair as a prayer guide for the coming weeks. Maybe forever.
The Tampa 17th Annual First Ladies Prayer Brunch will actually be held on Friday May 8th at the Tampa Convention Center. It begins at 11am and is to end promptly at 1pm!! 
I have been given my orders for timeliness and timely I will be!!!
You can Register on the website. Fill a table will you? Let’s pray together!!
On Thursday, I will be on my knees. 
On Friday, I will gather with my city and with my brothers and sisters In Christ and PRAY!!
Will you join us???
BTW….I will keep the contest going for the secret book, which is not much a secret anymore, just check out the comments for last post. until the weekend!
Remember, to enter you must request the “Surrendered Sisters Newsletter” by email. 

If you want to continue to receive the letter you can subscribe at the bottom on your own.

No Pressure!!

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  1. Sweet Pat,

    We serve a Mighty God! I wish that I was going to be in Florida, I would love to attend the prayer brunch you are keynote speaker at.

    I have to tell you, every since we spoke, thru email, last week, I have been praying Ps. 33:22 for you! I have it on my bathroom mirror and put it on a sticky note on my computer monitor at work! Cling to it my friend and know that Gods love is around you always!

  2. Terry…come on,I came your way first!!!
    Thank you for your prayers sister, I will be needing that!

  3. Trust me….if I could figure out how to get there, I would be there, on my knees with you in prayer…I am going to email you soon….there is something I want to share with you, but just have not been able to just yet. I will not to the comment thing, I will use the email address that I have.

    Please keep my dear friend, Shirley in your prayers…She is standing in need of them now more than ever. I did put a new post up about her on my blog…Hope on over and take a peak, then jump over to hers and leave her a word of encouragement if you feel called to.


  4. Hey Sweet Friend!
    Wow! I am so excited about the National Day of Prayer Keynote opportunity! God blesses just like He promised: immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine … Him be glory ….! (Eph 3:20)
    He just doesn’t stop does He!?
    We are experiencing new things almost daily here in our little area with God opening new doors to offer Surrendering the Secret to women. The churches are jumping on board just like we prayed, hoped and imagined!
    In 1Thes.5:17 we are instructed to pray continuously. The other morning I was out for a walk and I prayed out loud at times and then just let my thoughts be my prayer. I was thinking how much I miss my daughter ( her living in CA as I am in TX) and that I would love to have one our great talks. The kind where we share what GOD is doing in our lives, how He is speaking through His Word and just really connect as Mom and Daughter. Our last few conversations had started with “Hello” and quickly ended with “Sorry, I gotta go.” I got home from my walk and went about my day. That very night (10:30 PM, when all middle agers should be getting their beauty sleep) I get a call from my precious daughter. Her babies were sleeping, husband out of town and SHE wanted to talk to her Mom! WE talked until almost midnight. As I lay my head on my pillow, I remembered my thoughts on my walk.
    With tears of joy I thanked God that He hears my thoughts outloud and answered my mother’s heart cry!
    “How precious to me are Your thoughts O God. ” (ps.139:17) AND how sweet to know my thoughts are precious to YOU, Father.

  5. Trisha!!! You Go Girl!! I am so thrilled to have you visit “Sweet Tea”! I am looking forward to our road trip!

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