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The Power of a Pause

Happy Wednesday friend–

I know, it is NOT Monday. My intended blogging day. Who does that anyway? Who sets themselves up for ANYTHING on Monday that doesn’t have to happen on Monday?

Lucky for me–I am VERY flexible! Lucky for you-you can visit whenever you feel like it, or not if you don’t feel like it but obviously, you are here right now! Right?!

So, on our March calendar (the one you get for FREE in my monthly E-Letter, A Refreshing Pause–sign up here on my home page) I have placed a plan for a key verse started each Monday and considered all week long, and a GOAL of blogging my thoughts to kick our considering off.

This Monday’s (3 days ago on your calendar) is this:

He made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to go down.  Psalm 104:19

My honey and I have just returned (on Monday) from a cross-country road trip from Atlanta to Denver and the reason I didn’t post (on Monday).

The trip was precious in many, many ways. One of them was that God blessed us with AMAZING weather.

We had been watching the news with fear and trembling the days before leaving as floods, debilitating snowstorms and fires caused by high winds had much of the country in a turmoil. There were a few times when I wondered if we should change our plans and fly but since flying is NOT my happy place and flying through storms didn’t seem any more fun than driving through them, we kept our plan in place, climbed into the car and headed West.

God is so very good–all the time.

We didn’t see a drop of rain, a fire or a snowflake.

It was cause for “pause” as we followed the sun and the change of seasons across the rivers of Mississippi, the endless fields of winter-weary farmlands of Kansas for 3 days, landing in the snow peaked Rockies.

I have a point.

In my last post, we started a discussion about THE SEASONS OF A WOMAN’S LIFE and some ways to navigate our seasons. 

One thing I have learned in my xoxoxo YEARS 🙂 is that a change of SEASON almost always calls for PAUSE!

A change of SEASON gives us a great REASON to pause.


1: a temporary stop

2: a break in a verse, a brief suspension of the voice to indicate the limits and relations of sentences and their parts
3: temporary inaction especially as caused by uncertainty: hesitation
So–what SEASON of life are you in friend?
Send me an email–patlayton@mac.com and I’ll email the Quiz and Results sheet to you so we can chat about it!
Happy Wednesday!

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