The Passionate Mom

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I am a Passionate Mom!

I have been passionate about my children every day since I first smelled each one! Yep, that’s what started it for me! That YUMMY baby smell.

I can still remember the newborn smell of every one of my children.

My firstborn, Tim, came into my life when I was just a teenager. We grew up together. We are STILL growing up together Tim and me. That’s how we roll!!

Sunday is his birthday!

“In those days” (as someone really old would say) Mommy’s, even when they were babies themselves, were all alone in the labor room and all alone in the delivery room and all alone when they saw their babies for the first time. I remember the moment I first placed my eyes and my hands on Tim. That moment changed my life forever. It was the moment I went from taking care of me to taking care of us. There has never been a moment since that day, when I have been unaware of the claim that Tim staked in my heart for him alone. We spent the first 3 years of Tim’s life, just him and me. He was my whole world.

The second time I became a Mom, my life was very different. I was older and wiser but felt no more “capable or worthy” to be a mother than when Tim was born.

My Andy, was a big 8 and 1/2 pound boy, who stole our hearts, mine, his Dads and his BIG brother Tim. This time, his Dad carried him over to my bedside and tenderly lowered him to my lips for my first smell and kiss. My seal of ownership. NO OTHER WOMAN would ever be called Andy’s Mom. Oh my, I remember that newborn smell.  I remember sobbing all over him. I remember the room and the people all around us. The truth is, my life was a bit of a hot mess when Andy was born, you can read that story here. I had been working so hard to try to figure out who I was and where my value was. Andy brought a change into our lives. I didn’t know it at the time but Andy’s life would usher in our familys’ new life in Christ.

Today is his birthday!

A friend of mine was recently asked in an interview, if she could change the world, what would she do. She mentioned something about World Peace. My answer would be this one, that every child would grow up in a healthy God centered home. That would change the world! Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if every child was born to a healthy (mentally, spiritually and physically) Mommy and Daddy.

Working at a crisis pregnancy center has shown me that is NOT the case. We give birth as HUMANS who are on a journey. We have faults, we have weaknesses, we have loss, we have pain and it happens WHILE we are being Moms and Dads.

My last fresh newborn smell was even more radical than the first two, this time God SURPRISED us. This time our “newborn”, our Julianna, was one month old before my face presses up against her TINY cheeks. This time I was settled into my life in Christ; my calling; my personal place of grace. This time, God made me a Mom through adoption. Here is her story:

Being a Mom is WITHOUT QUESTION, the most precious and priceless gift I have ever been given. I am PASSIONATE about my children and now I have staked a claim upon my daughters by marriage, Kim and Bethany and my Grandchildren–AJ, Jacob, Mikala, Kai and Bella (Now THAT”S a whole ‘nother blog!)

My beautiful friend Susan Merrill has written this brand new book about the passion of motherhood. Oh my. This precious friend has captured some of the sweetest words I have ever read to lasso the moon of mommy hood! I truly feel that her book will become a best seller. I know I’ll be buying one for all the Mom’s I know and love!

I am giving away 5 signed copies of her book over the next few weeks that lead up to her BIG LAUNCH on April 16th and she will be guest posting here on my blog soon.

Share in the comments HOW MANY CHILDREN you have (by birth, adoption or calling!) and be registered to win one of my give-away books!

Maybe NEXT my friend Susan will write about the PASSIONATE GRANDMA!!

Watch out world 🙂

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  1. I have one daughter, by birth, nearly 10 months ago. She still has the yummiest smell and the most amazing cheeks…ah, now I am dreaming of her 🙂

  2. I love motherhood even more the 2nd time around. My 1st born Christian will soon be 20yrs old & my baby boy just turned 3yrs old, 17yrs & 9mths apart. I find the hardest part of motherhood is cleaning out the closet. I have cried my eyeballs out everytime Jaydin moves up in a size of clothes. The time flys by so fast, I actually had over 10,000 photos on my phone of just my baby, scared I’m gonna miss a moment I guess. Technology we didn’t have way back when my oldest was little & now at 41 I struggled to remember certain moments. I hope to soon become a foster mom also & maybe get to adopt, that would be such a blessing… There’s nothing more precious in life than a a child & although world peace would be great I would just wish for every child to have peace & love in their wn home.

    1. Oh my Tracey! I get you. That is about how my Tim and Julianna were spaced.
      Keeps you YOUNG!! 🙂

  3. I have one son. We have been trying for 2 years for another child. The birth of my son changed me dramatically. I had always struggled with the concept of Gods love being unconditional. I am adopted, adopted parents divorced, step mother died and I had a very difficult time dealing with everything. Raised in a perfection home so any time I would make any mistake in my walk I thought it was the end for me. Once my son was born I finally began to grasp how much God really loves each and every one of us. My walk has never been stronger. Taking the focus off myself and being responsible for a child changes perspective on so many things.
    There is redemption and as a single woman when I was pregnant I was told that I would be a horrible mother and that I could only abort. Knew in my heart that it wasn’t an option so 3 years later my wonderful husband has adopted our son and we have a beautiful family! For anyone in that difficult place of not knowing the future and how you will provide for your unborn child trust in God and he will walk you through it every day. Some days are hard and others harder but He is with you.

  4. I have 2 daughters, 25 & 20 & a step-son (32) who has never been anything more than a son and the best big brother ever! Thanks for the opportunity to win what sounds like will be a wonderful book. Evntho my children are out on their own, I still enjoy being a mom, grandma, and so looking forward to the time when I can help my daughters learn to be the best mom they can be with God’s help.

  5. Motherhood is one of my biggest blessings in life! I always thought I’d have two sweet kids–a boy & a girl of course, & be perfectly happy. God had other plans for me! I have six kids–four boys & two girls–by birth and I couldn’t imagine life without them! I’m so glad God’s plans for my life are better than anything I could dream up for myself

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