“The Other Side of Sunset”

Not only am I a “Martha Wanna Be” but I am a “Risk Taker Wanna Be”.

I have never jumped out of an airplane or gone bear hunting, but I often place myself on paths that have “snakes hidden in the grass”. I seem to thrive on situations that make me vulnerable and set me up for the possibility of looking silly.

Before I surrendered my life to Christ, that was NOT a good thing and I have the scars to prove it.

AFTER I surrendered my life to Christ, risk taking became a very good thing. I am always aware of my dependence upon Him for survival, but I have to admit, I still have a few scars to prove it. Ministry is a battlefield and sometimes it is difficult to recognize “the snakes” if you know what I mean.

I recently completed an article for one of my favorite magazine Editors in the whole world and kind of busted. I was very sad about that. She is wonderful and is graciously rescuing me, but I often wonder how the heck I ended up in a writing ministry anyway, especially Non-Fiction!!

As a young girl, my hearts desire was to write Fiction. Make believe, fantasy stories created in my own mind that do not need “sources” or hours of research and validation. I actually absorb Fiction. It runs through my veins. In a happy week, I read sometimes as many as 3 Fiction books. A number of years ago, I started going to Writers Conferences in attempt to learn, grow and maybe someday, actually submit a proposal.

However, God had a detour for my life. I love His plan!! Tears actually fill my eyes when I think of His goodness and His amazing favor. I am now writing and teaching all about Real Life and REAL Freedom in Christ. I have wonderful people like my Editor friend (I love you Ivey!) helping me keep some semblance of respect.

I am running my race with very little skill, but a VERY BIG GOD!!!

Which all leads me to this big unveiling. My FICTION :).

I realized I can be “published” TODAY!! Part of it anyway.

Right here. Right now. On “Living Free” and I am about to hear the words every Author longs for…..

“I LOVE this story!!! It is so good I cannot wait to read the next Chapter. SEND IT QUICKLY!!! No edits are necessary. It is PERFECT just like it is. Spelling and Grammer are overrated I just want more of this spellbinding story”

WOW, that was more fun than I thought it would be 🙂

Click the Link below for the first chapter and just let me know if you want an autographed copy!!

The Other Side of Sunset
by:Patricia Layton

By the way, my next speaking engagement is an “Imagine Me..Set Free” Woman’s Conference in Eastman, Georgia, between Macon and Savannah. I would love to have you join us!!

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  1. I long for the day when I return to a post I have written and find NO TYPOS!!!
    Please! Please! Please–someone tell me how to master that. I try so hard. I read and re-read. Spell Check. Re-read….
    I have fixed all I found THIS trip but honestly can’t guarantee my success.
    Any secrets???

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