The Number One Key to Unstuck Possibilities



“Now faith is the assurance of things HOPED FOR, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

I love to ride a see saw.

There is just something about that up and down motion that is relaxing. There is the push part that places you in charge while the rider waits to be lowered safely to the ground. Then there is the flight to the highest point. The top dog, top of the world, fist pumps position.

Life is like a see-saw right?!

One minute we are stuck in low life as low can be, knees up the nose, shoveling with all our might. The next, hopefully quickly, we are flying high and squealing for all to hear.

There is much talk and rightly so, about contentment. Being satisfied with our current conditions. Being thankful and content no matter where we are and that is true. We ARE to be thankful. We are to be content with what we have. We are to see ourselves as God sees us as more than enough.

However, not to the point of letting dreams, possibilities and potential get stuck on the low ground. Not to the point of being satisfied with where we are forever. God always has more!

The Number One Key to Life unstuck is UNSTUCK FAITH.

God calls us to FAITH! He call us to aspire to things only HE can accomplish through us, in us and for us.

God calls us to stretch as hard as we can towards higher things in His name and for His glory.

Think about it—if you have just enough money—how can you share with others in need?

If you have just enough house, how can you entertain strangers?

If you have just enough time, how can you offer your overflow to others?

A Life Unstuck is always thankful for what we have but always pressing for more, for overflow, for the God sized dream!

The bible tells us that Terah, Abraham’s father, left Ur for the Promised land. However, unlike Abraham who pushed on until the end, Terah “stopped along the way”. He settled. (Genesis 11:31)

Let’s don’t do that. Let’s reach and stretch for all God has for us to do, to share, to learn, to conquer.

We were created for unlimited possibilities.

We were created to live Life Unstuck!!

Tell me—what are you believing God for TODAY that seems impossible?!!

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  1. I love Life Unstuck! It is time for a refreshing and that is best done with sisters in Christ doing life together! I am treating a friend. Thank you.

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