The Job that no one Wants!

We have been in the process in our ministry “A Woman’s Place” : Life Impact Network of reviewing and rewriting job descriptions. We are an organization whose daily life is surrounded by unplanned, unwanted pregnancies. Our sole purpose is to promote the value of every human life. So far this year we know of 175 babies and their mothers who were saved from death.

It is a difficult process to really capture the complete responsibilities of a job, especially in ministry. Ministry in it’s truest form is a position of surrender and does not really allow for “rights”, clarity of expectations or true recognition. On top of that, it seems that every job description requires the bottom line of “and whatever else is needed”. From the highest position to the lowest, we do the grunt work. The process has made me “ponder” (more about pondering in my next post) what a Job Description may have looked like for “Mother of Messiah”. 

Maybe something like this:
Position Title: Surrogate Mother of Savior of the World
Reports to: God
Salary and Benefits: Only provided after death
Purpose: To deliver a son who will one day deliver you and the rest of the universe.

Bottom Line: Wanted young woman of childbearing age who has been completely faithful to her personal moral purity to become a surrogate mother.

Position requires a woman of the highest integrity, character and poise yet able to withstand being considered a harlot, tainted and morally fallen by all who know her. She will need to be open to releasing all of her personal hopes and dreams of a beautiful wedding and a fairytale marriage. She will need excellent communication skills as she will be called to explain some very bizarre circumstances. She must have a heart and mouth that is filled with praise and faith even while being completely alone, rejected by friends family and the man she loves. Applicant must have a willingness to travel in the most undesirable of times and circumstances. She will give birth without the support of family and friends in rather uncomfortable surroundings. 
Must love animals!
Once said child is born, applicant must be prepared to be the mother of a son who is a bit “different”. He will be illusive at times, mysterious, headstrong, prone to wandering off without permission and will hear voices that others do not.
There will be times when this position seems to be one of great popularity, you will be invited to every wedding in town as long as you can bring your son. At others times, people will scatter when you are around, whisper behind your back and generally see you as “odd”. Your son will be rejected, called a liar, hated by many and falsely accused of espionage. He will eventually be brutally beaten and dragged through the streets of the city while being spit on and kicked. He will be taunted and slandered in a mock trail and treated like a common criminal. He will finally be convicted, nailed to a cross and die a bloody, painful death while you watch.
There will come a day of understanding for all that you endure but it will be long after your death and you will not experience it firsthand. 
Finally: This position will be assigned anonymously and no one will know that you have been chosen.
Applicants need not apply.
Number one: If you think you qualify, you don’t.
Number two: The position has been filled.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. It was an excellent reminder of the gravity of the season that is upon us. If what you wrote donesn’t give someone pause, I don’t know what else would!

  2. What a creative line of thought! Two lines cracked me up:

    Applicants need not apply.
    Number one: If you think you qualify, you don’t.

    How funny would that be to see those on actual job applications???

    “Applicants need not apply.” Ha-ha!

  3. Annie, I so love your blog photo!! It would look great on the cover of one of our ministry brochures..hmmm.
    Thank you for you comment. I am so grateful that it ministered to you!
    Bless you,

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