A Surrendered Life

I woke up this morning with this title in my head. It’s not a new title to me, in fact it will be 28 years old on Saturday June 9. The day I  surrendered my life to Christ–once and for all.

That concept “Surrendered my Life to Christ” is a bit over used and often rolled off a tongue as easily as “what’s for lunch”. Many people will hear someone say it; claim it, and barely bat an eye. Honestly, they are probably ones who haven’t truly done it.

I bat my eye when someone claims a Sovereign Surrender–When someone professes a Surrendered Life.

On June 9, 1984. I SURRENDERED my LIFE to JESUS.

I was a HOT MESS. I was holding onto a broken marriage; dragging my “half dead” body around mostly for the sake of my 2 sons; working in a job I despised–mainly due to the behavior it had given birth to in my life; my life was filled with the stench of shame and self-hatred and I spent most of it idealizing the taking my own life.

In ONE day, through ONE obedient woman’s invitation to a womans’ conference , God captured my soul-my heart-my hot mess life. Later at the suggestion of the keynote speaker (who turned out to be my next life saver) I RAN–not meandered–RAN to the alter and bowed my knees. The heaviness of my tears; my shame; my broken heart–all presented front and center through the tears that poured out and travail of my sobs. God wrapped Himself around me at the foot of that alter and has NEVER-NEVER let go. He has never loosened His grip. He has never grown tired of my weakness. He has never and will never give up on me.

On June 9, 1984 I became A Surrendered Life.

For the past 29 Years I have never looked back; never turned a different way; never lost my passion for Jesus; never forgotten my Redeemer.

I didn’t say I have never messed up; never felt unsure of my direction; never been sad or angry or discouraged.

I am surrendered not perfect 🙂

How about you? Is yours A Surrendered Life?



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  1. I loved this blog, Pat! Such a powerful testimony of the transformational power of the living God and how He let a humble, obedient daughter be a part of that power that changed a life – your life!

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