The Fingerprint of God

What do hurricanes, tornados, pine cones and Sunflowers have in common?

How about Noah’s Ark and the Ark of the Covenant?

Let’s say…..teeth, pineapples, planets and YOUR fingertips?

A Holy, Omnipotent, Amazing and really smart, Creator

Check it out:

I have been asking God for personal Revival. Oh my.

Try it. Try asking for PERSONAL revival.

Here is a little tool he sent my way to get me “kicked off” so to speak.

Hope you have a s much FUN as I am having with this 🙂

Personal Revival

Let me know what you think.

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  1. Personal revival and revival for the church was the whole focus of my 30 days of prayer for the church that ended on 8/9. However, it did not end. I continue to beg God for revival in the church of Jesus. WE (all of us) have become complacent and apathetic and need a revival to awaken us.

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