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In the name of being a good Mother In Law, I could NOT miss another Tasty Tuesday.

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If you saw my last post you know I did me some cooking over the weekend. My culinary delights ranged from fresh salsa to sweet tea. 

I know, Cookbook Publishers get in line!!

Anyway, I have been following this blog faithfully (not because my son created it but because it is AWESOME!) I have also checked out most all of ForeverWherever’s blog friends. 

Some of your blogs cause me to sit at my laptop for HOURS!!!! The Home decorating, the cooking, the crafts, the colors!! You are all amazing.

That said, I wanted to “WOW” the Crowds today with my latest (self created I might add) secret family recipe.

Here Goes:

Homemade Half and Half!! (Hey, when a girl runs out of Half and Half, a girl needs a plan!!!)

That is exactly what happened to me recently. My honey has the morning coffee hot and ready for me when I wake up each morning. Somehow, Someway, on this dreadful day, we discovered that we had NO HALF and HALF!! Normally, I would just stop everything and trot, up to Starbucks for my “White Chocolate Mocha” but this morning was to be filled with writing deadlines and I knew if I got out of my pajamas I would not be able to THINK!!!
Emergency measures were called for. 
Then, it came to me….
Out of Nowhere…..
You have CREAM!!!
You have MILK!!!!
How about if we MIX them together, You know, about HALF and HALF of each.
The BRILLIANCE, the CREATIVITY,  the JAVA JUICES of the day had begun! I literally jumped up and down in my kitchen!
I knew that I was about to experience a WRITING BONANZA!!!
I feel that the only good Christan Girl thing for me to do is share my glorious discoveries with you. After all, that is my mission statement:
(I know that my Tim is reading this, I do allow an occasional “Renaissance Man” to come along for the experience!)
So, here you go Tasty Tuesday Bloggers….Read it and Weep!!!

Find a can of REALLY GOOD EVAPORATED MILK. Pour about 1/2 into a cream holding thing.

Fill the thing that you found, the rest of the way up with Milk!
ps….Darling Kim, Can I get a Cupcake to eat with my coffee?? 
(or, actually, I would rather have the CupCake EATER in the photo!!!)
Have a Wonderful Day!

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  1. I love it!…pour 1/2 into a CREAM HOLDING THING, then fill the THING THAT YOU FOUND the rest of the way with milk – hilarious! I love the step by step directions. I can honestly say I’ve never thought about making this before. Very clever!

    How I wish you would have shared this before I bought my Half and Half yesterday at the store. I am using mine to make chicken pot pie from scratch. Yum, yum!

    Thanks for sharing and for the laugh today!!!

  2. Way to think in a bind! I’ll have to keep that in mind. Thanks for joining us for Tasty Tuesday with your cute post!

  3. I love it! We have had plenty of mornings without 1/2 and 1/2 and it’s painful! Milk just doesn’t seem to cut it for us. I will be using this recipe!


  4. Pat, that is simply the best idea ever! who would’ve thunk! Unfortunately, I don’t think I have a can of cream in the cabinet — oh, I do! but it expired in ’08! shoot! But lucky for me I have a full pint of half and half!! love you, Paula

  5. Hi Blog Friends,
    I am so pleased that you all got a kick out of my culinary talents. Paula Dean better watch her spot on the Food Network huh?!

    Karla, That Chicken Pot Pie sounds good! I am honestly not trying to be funny but until recently I truly thought that Chicken Pot Pies can in little throw away aluminum pans. I have NEVER cooked it myself.

    Paula, I actually tried the white powdery stuff that Daddy loved but that didn’t do it for me, it did remind me of him though!

    Thank you for visiting ladies!

  6. Oh my, the little tin pans don’t come close. You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted homemade chicken pot pie! The ultimate comfort food! I wish I could bring you some.

  7. Remind me to give you my easiest and tastiest chicken pot pie recipe ever. It’s my official “meal to new moms” and Emmie’s favorite dish. Delish.

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