Tasty Tuesday Techy Troubles

I have almost run out of time for Tasty Tuesday. Maybe not out of time but definitely out of ENERGY!! I returned last night just before midnight from an amazing weekend in Kentucky and have not quite gotten myself together yet. (see Surrendering the Secret Blog tomorrow, for details)(note LINK!)

I was PERSONALLY invited to be a part of this new blog “parade of food” and determined to get to it by the end of the day.
I have to admit that the “Mr Linky” part has had me intimidated just thinking about it but here I am!!

This yummy event is being hosted by ForeverWherever and has great potential to become one of my favorite blog parties! (another LINK!!)
I actually have only been a part of this wonderful community of creative creatures since April of last year. I have since learned how to:

#1) POST!
#2) POST!! with colored letters, italics and/or BOLD print.
#3) POST!!! adding a link to another blog.
#4) POST!!!! with a photo or two.
One thing I have NOT yet mastered is Mr. Linky!!
However, since this is my beautiful Daughter-In-Law’s idea, I must give it my best shot!
Continuing with my Seafood theme of last week, I decided to go with:
“Low Country Boil” (my personal version)(note Bold Blue Italics)
A whole bunch of small frozen corn on the cob
A whole bunch of small red potatoes
A whole bunch of Kelbasa Sausage
A whole bunch of fresh shrimp
one more time,
the same amount of fresh King Crab Legs
Throw the first 3 in a BIG pot filled with water and Old Bay Seafood Seasoning, cook over a gas burner for about 20 minutes, add the last 2 things for about 10-15 minutes.
Dump it ALL out on a newspaper covered picnic table (if possible have your son build a VERY large one for you!!).
Provide lots of squeeze butter, salt and rolls of paper towels!!

Add family! Enjoy!!
(ps…Note PHOTO!!) (sorry Mr Linky, maybe next time!)

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  1. Thanks so much for trying and trying! You did a great job! At least you didn’t need to pull out a cookbook for that family recipe! Everyone always loves Low County Boil! Thanks for sharing your recipe!


  2. I clicked on your photo to enlarge and wow the first thing my eyes saw is your beautiful LITTLE pond and flowers! I say LITTLE…because I have a large one and it is SUCH a pain to maintain…It’s 1000 gallon-pond I think. About 10 foot diameter.

    Mmmmm…crab legs. Yummy.

    We are all very proud of your blog accomplishments. I’ve never used Mr. Linky anyway. I’m guessing it is difficult to figure out because it is Mr. Linky instead of MRS. Linky. Aaaa??

    Yeah, mom…you do rock!!!

    Come over to read about thought closet and you need replace some possible current thoughts in your closet with YOU ROCK! 🙂 smiles

  3. This is one of our favorites, and so when we can get things a little fresher on vacation, instead of the plains of Kansas….well this is generally something that will grace our table from afar.

    Blessings Miss Pat!!!

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