Take 2 Friends and call me in the morning

If you have been a regular visitor at “Sweet Tea” you have probably noticed that I can be a bit “spontaneous” with my post.

I try to spend time critiquing my thoughts and didactic words before writing, attempting to be sure it all makes some sense. More often than not I imagine, my rumblings result in a bunch of blotched or bumbled blog-bites that only I can understand or at least, care about.

This may be another one of those. I hope not.

I felt so stirred about this that I started typing my thoughts on Saturday afternoon about 30 minutes before heading out to a party at “GYMBOREE” for 3 G-babies all having a birthday just days apart.
This is the deal, over the past few weeks I battled the blahs big time.
I am not completely sure what seemingly small life issue caused my personal pit visit. I have had a few family things stressing me out, some ministry disappointments that have altered my path and (only those who truly deal with this will understand the enormity of this one), my jeans have been too tight. ALL of them.Whatever.

Yep, I know, you thought I was a spiritual giant right!!?? Wrong!!??

I any case, the final result was a bit of a PIT FALL!
I truly had several bad days when I struggled with what to do to get out of my mind mess. I am not making light of the huge numbers of people, Christians included, who suffer from serious depression. As I write this my heart goes out to those who have had much bigger and much longer challenges.

I purposely spent extra time with God knowing that “in His presence is FULLNESS of Joy” (Ps 16:11) That did help bring me to a place of peace and a reminder that God knows where we are at ALL TIMES!! (Psalm 139)

Up/Down, High/Low, Dark/Light. 

However, I continued to feel a bit out of sorts.

In all of my reasoning and trying to figure things out, it never occurred to me that I was lonely.

I consider my life pretty full of people and activity, a good marriage, wonderful ministry friends and staff but I often let real friendship time take a back seat to busy.
You know the times of “girl talk”, accountability, transparency, good old dumping your guts out and letting them do the same.

As always, God led me to just the medicine that I needed to help pull me up from the dark side into the light!

Over the past few days I have had the chance, rather I should say, I TOOK the chance, to spend some time with  2 special friends–one old friend, the kind who can finish your sentences and knows the history of any given life challenge, and the other with a fairly new friend. We are still getting to know one another and learning more and more about why God has connected our hearts in such a short time.

It reminds me of an old song I learned in Girl Scouts…”Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold!” 

I spent over 2 hours with each one over the past few days! Just talking and laughing and sharing a few tears.
By the time I left the second meeting I felt 100% better and ready to take on the world again. 

I could actually feel the change in my heart.

That is what prompted me to write this post.

First, we have to be REAL with one another in order to survive this life that we live.

Secondly, my heart just goes out to those who are struggling through depression or just some low times. We all have down times but some, maybe someone who is reading this now, wonder if they will ever see light again.
Sometimes depression is caused by physical changes, sometimes fatigue or pressure or a feeling of failure or loss. 

I have learned over the years, when I face one of those days, weeks or seasons to start with some obvious remedies.
Number one for me as a woman who is fully persuaded that God is the source of my joy and peace. I start with HIM!! 

I spend extra time sitting in His presence asking Him to reveal any area of my life that might be CAUSING my downfall. 

The scripture that I quoted above, Ps 139 closes with “search me o God and see if there is any offensive way in me”.
I try to review the 3 W’s that lead my life: Word, Worship, Wait.

The WAIT part is always the toughest as I try to keep my heart fixed on God until He leads me and shows me what to do next. Sometimes we just need to stay busy doing things like cleaning a closet, writing a thank note, reading a good book.
Some other obvious life things that I always consider when I can’t get out of the pit are some practical health and wellness pieces that sometimes slip out of order in my busy life. Things like eating right, exercise and getting a good nights sleep do amazing things to improve our heart and thought life.

In my recent case, what I discovered I needed was just some good old friendship and girl talk!

Much to my surprise the message in church yesterday was on loneliness. 

The scriptures quoted were the very same ones that I had written down on Saturday afternoon to share with you.
It was confirmation to me that regardless of how clever my words come together and regardless of  any misspelling that I miss, someone who is reading this feels:

Unwanted, Unneeded and Unnecessary.

If that is you, I pray that God’s Word, not mine, will reach down into your heart and draw you up into His light! 

I know for a fact that is what He desires to do. (John 10:10)
Get into His presence, remind yourself of HIS promises and for goodness sakes—if you need to share your heart—Call a Friend. My prayer is that you will reach out and find “SILVER or GOLD” and discover as I did, the arms of a friend or two who will reach down into the place you are sitting and pull you up into the light. 

God knows what you need today. He cares and He will show you the way up!!

It is not nearly the same but if you leave a comment, I promise to pray for you the minute I read it.

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  1. Oh, the balm of good girlfriends!

    And, you're right…100% better. :o)

    Thanks sweet Pat – more than you know,
    XO Melinda

  2. Just don't decorate that pit while you're in there. It's only a temporary place and not meant to be lived in permanantly – though the devil is donating decor for you! Only God can reach down and lift you out.

    I love Psalm 40:1-4a

    God turns to US and hears our cry!

    PS: And… staying in His Presence [like Psalm 16:11 says]… will keep you out of that pit!

    Choosing JOY,
    [JESUS – the One I Worship]

  3. My dear friend,
    It is SO true we need each other. So often we don't realize it because we are so busy getting to all the "to-do's". I like that silver and gold part… both precious!… as YOU are.

  4. Thank you my 2 Rx friends!!! God used you to bless my heart. I am honored to feel that it went both ways!!

    Stephanie..So true! The good news is that NOTHING matches in the pits and I am a "matchy matchy" kind of girl…right Meems!?

    Thank you for your visits sisters,

  5. Peggy,
    It makes me feel good to know that you are reading it!!
    I love you and feel the same way. There is NOTHING like a REAL sister!

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