Summer Sizzle “Shooting the Breeze” for Women Only!

I am VERY excited about this!


When I hear people talk about writing a book, and SO MANY have a book to write, my insides get a little shaky. On my. Writing a book is so hard! Writing a book FOR ME–takes YEARS! and STRESS! and EMOTIONAL CLEANSING! YUK! They make it sound so romantic and adventurous and I find it mostly torture–just plain torture.

At the same time, As I said yesterday–when God plants a passion in our hearts, we have NO CHOICE, it has to come out who and when He says NOW! PLUS, I 100% believe that we each have a story that wants to be told. A unique journey. A  a vaccine of sorts that is required for someone else’s healing.

So, I feel afraid—but I write anyway.

I feel incompetent–but I write anyway.

I feel embarrassed by my weakness of prose–but I write anyway.

The book we are going to RE-SPARK this Summer was started in me umpteen years ago. I first shared this idea at a writers conference in 2006 (Yep–8 YEARS AGO!) and had several publishers asking for a proposal. Bad news (or maybe GOOD NEWS) was that God was not ready for me to take this on yet.

FIRST, I had to write Surrendering the Secret–Member Book, Leader Guide then Video Series. Then, I had to teach this message all over the nation for the next 5 years!! (Who Knew!)

Then I had to write a few little Bible Study Gift Books that sleep with me at night until I got them on the page called Born to Bloom!

Then I had to write the chapter book version of Surrendering the Secret, A Surrendered Life–TWICE!!!

Last but not least came–The Book With No (Public) Name. Which may have been the most difficult thing I have EVER done in my life next to a Cesarean Section birth with no Anesthesia for my second born son. YEP. Maybe harder that THAT!

Today–all those projects have been born! Yah!

NOW comes this fun book that has been on a back burner in my mind for all these years. Incredible as it was to me, God Re-SPARKED the fire for this book in my heart WHILE I WAS BLEEDING my last book. I would literally shake my head as if to move my ideas aside as  He would pop thoughts of this book into my mind while I was trying to find words for my last book!

So, heres the deal.

I’m writing this book NOW!!


In fact, I beleive it will be written before my Un Named book is released on the shelves in March or so of next year.

I hope a few of you will join me. This is going to be a WILD RIDE!

Just Email my Assistant Rosemary at to tell her you are interested. She will send you an application. I know that is kind of different–but this book is different. First of all, I only want WOMEN on the Summer Sizzle team and I want to balance out the ages; life situations and faith background of our team. We will take applications until June 30th.

“The Livin’ is Easy” and the commitment is minimal. The group will connect from 4th of July until Labor Day.

The Summer Sizzle team will be invited to a private Facebook page where I will share a weekly video or post about our topic of the week and invite group interaction. We will also connect via a weekly 40 minute  conference call!

Lastly, we have a few more days of our Father’s Day Contest and $50. Gift Card Giveaway going on my new Facebook Author Page. Join Us, will you?

Happy Wednesday!


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