Stuffed with Thanksgiving

I love blogging. I realize you might find that difficult to believe since it has been nearly a month since I last posted. It is not because of blogging boredom but rather is due to life’s busyness. I have used this blog as a sort of journal/diary for over a year now, as most of you do with your blogs. When time flies in the after burn of life, I miss visiting my blog buddies and I miss keeping a personal record of life and all of it’s twists and turns.

Anyway, I could not miss recording my favorite days of the year. I never want to forget how precious they are.

I have basically been on the road on in the air since the middle of September. God has opened so  many ministry doors this year. I have MUCH to be Thankful for but my most passionate words of gratitude are always for my family and friends.

I love Thanksgiving weekend.

Thanksgiving Door

I love the decorations.

I love the cooking, the smells and lots of people in the house.

I love putting the extender in my dining room table.

I love making my regular “specialities”. I make the BEST TURKEY in the Nation, killer Broccoli Casserole, my Mother in Law’s hand me down recipe’ Sweet Potato Casserole, my own pies and a “Cowboy Caviar” Chip Dip that all gets eaten before dinner, no matter how much I make, and of course, about 5 pitchers of Sweet Tea!

I love having all of my family gathered together. I am one of the lucky ones who has my ENTIRE—I am talking Mom (my Dad passed away 7 years ago), my 3 sisters and their husbands, ALL of their children and children’s children and all of my immediate family—all live here in the Tamap Bay area. THAT is my best blessing!!

I have filled my countertops with the basics of my cooking frenzy. Honey chopped a bag of onions for me last night since I just can not survive those things. I pealed and shredded two bags of sweet potatoes and two bags of white potatoes.


Our daughter, Julianna arrived home from college just moments after all THAT work was done! (how does she do that?????) She will be right by my side all day as the cooking games begin! I love that part, although she just started LIKING it last year!

My first 2 1/2 months of of 2010 has been set apart for some writing projects so I hope to get back on the Blogging Bandwagon as well since I love doing this and I MISS you guys!!!!

I pray that your Thanksgiving is full of Peace, Hope, Gratitude and Anticipation for all that God has in store for the coming year! That is what I am STUFFED with!!


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  1. Beautiful posting as I love Thanksgiving as well, not as blessed as you with family, but that is my thorn to bare. I also haven’t stopped in for some time, but really like the looks of the blog change. Care to share that sweet potatoe recipe?

    Happy Thanksgiving Miss Pat!

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