SEEDS Week #2–Starting 2014 Off Right


Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.   Matthew 11:28

It is only 12 days into the new year and I am already weary. I already need rest!

How about you?

The holidays came and went at our house at a beyond normal level of activity. We had one of our sons, his wife, 2 doggies and our 3 youngest “G”babies staying here with us during the holidays. They were preparing for a move to Georgia. No sooner had they pulled the U-haul out of the driveway, before Honey and I started packing boxes preparing for our own move from our home of 20 plus years. We have been working non-stop for the past 2 weeks. (can I confess right now?…I have WAY TOO much junk! I mean really–how many bowls does one family need?) We are a week away from the actual move and we are already  exhausted.

The truth is–life is flat full of LIFE isn’t it? Sometimes, we are smack in the middle of living it and “REST” as we would like to have it (I’m picturing pushing a hammock back and forth in the breeze with my toes kind of REST) just isn’t anywhere in sight.

What then?

How do we find that rest and restoration that helps us stay the course and press on as God leads? How do we find REST when there is not a  hammock in sight?

I have discovered the first and most important thing for me is to remember to keep my time with Jesus protected, so that He can protect ME!

It is easy to feel like our quiet time, time to journal, go for a walk and listen to praise music, read a devotional guide or some Chapters in our Bible, just can’t be fit in to our busy days. The truth is, if spiritual discipline is NOT kept a priority, NOTHING else will work and exhaustion–physical, mental and spiritual will clean your clock! I do not want to start the year off with that bad habit! How about you?

Let’s take this first part of January to work this verse of scripture FRESHLY into our lives. Let’s admit that we need Jesus but that we EASILY slip into relying on ourselves more.

You may need to admit, like I do, that your burden has already gotten heavy. It could be for you that somewhere along the way you have picked up someone else’s load.

When I feel tired and overwhelmed I don’t have to look too far. It is almost always because I am either  trying to be my own or everybody else’s–Jesus.

My First Step today is to SURRENDER and admit to the Lord that I have found myself in that room again and I need to be rescued. I need REST that can only be found in His presence.

Lord, I admit that I have run head first into a season of exhaustion. Your Word says in Psalm s 139:1 that you have searched me and know me. Lord, you know how I do this to myself and to others. Search me Lord, reveal the current condition of my heart. Help me come face to face with you and hear your voice. I want to rest in you Lord. I want to be revived and set right again. You are always waiting for me to COME TO YOU for rest and revival. I am here. Help me settle in and stay close to you Lord. 

Joshua 3:5

“Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow THE LORD will do wonders among you”

Don’t hurry; give God time to speak; give yourself time to consider and respond.

Tell me SEEDS sister, have you, like me, started the year off quickly heading for exhaustion? Has God whispered a Word of re-direction through Matthew 11:28.

Maybe you have started 2014 off on a better foot, please SHARE. Tell me about how you first 2 weeks have gone in terms of time in the presence of the Lord.

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  1. Thanks for writing this Pat! – It is just what I needed.
    I am learning to live in the secret place and really protect my time alone with Jesus before life starts each day. I can only live victorious when my spiritual tank is full. No more running on empty!
    May the Lord bless you and establish you in ALL that you do in Jesus name.

  2. Pat, this is a beautiful and timely post…especially following what normally is a busy holiday season. I love how you are structuring SEEDS. It is such great material. Blessings to you.

  3. My word this year is discipline. I am proud to say, that 13 days in I am doing well. I am spending time w/ God each day. I am doing the SEEDS as well as a 40 day journey w/ Dietrich Bonhoeffer in preparation for my Haiti trip in Feb. I am keeping a Peeks, Pits, Praise & Prayer journal. Another area of my life that needs discipline is my eating and exercising. I am doing well w/ the eating and today I started a 30 day shred dvd. I know it might seem like a lot, but i feel it is what I need to be doing at this point and time. I am praying for God to show me where else I need discipline. I was very scared when I prayed about and word and discipline came to me. Then I have found that word over and over in blogs and different readings so I know it is the right word. Thanks Pat! I am LOVING the SEEDS program. I made a great cover for my journal. It is small but maybe you can see it at this link

    Thanks!! Renee

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