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Spring–A Spiritual Season of BLOOM! (Permission to Pause Episode 16–Transcript)

As we continue our short journey on the Permission to Pause Podcast, through the seasons of life from a spiritual perspective, let’s focus today on the season of SPRING!

Our scripture verse is Hosea 6:3.

Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge Him. As surely as the sun rises, He will appear; He will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that

water the earth.”

Hosea 6:3

We’ll be focusing on the word—EXPECTATION.

Can you hear the expectation in those words from the prophet Hosea? Spring is a physical season of new life, new growth, and restoration from the frozen days of winter. When things spring from

the ground and leaves break forth on the trees. It’s a season of growth and color when the long season of winter it is finally over. Spiritually, spring is a season of blooming and growth, a season of

moving beyond the deep inner learning season of winter to the EXPECTATION of being rewarded for the quiet stand of faith that you’ve held onto. A time of new birth, growth, and stretching into


When we first moved to Georgia from Florida a few years ago and began to see the signs of our first spring after a VERY LONG north Georgia winter we were so excited. We had moved into our new

wooded acres in the heat of Summer. We squealed over the beauty of our first fall and at first enjoyed our first winter there with the constant crackle of the fireplace and the amazing snowfall that

turned our yard into a winter wonderland, but it didn’t take long for us Floridians to be OVER IT!! That fireplace soon began to stink almost as bad as our cute winter boots. We were more than ready

as the days began to warm with the EXPECTATION OF SPRING.

One early spring morning I walked out into our front yard and noticed hundreds of brand new sprouts of green along the whole eastern side of our property. It seemed almost overnight—every day I

watched those blooms grow until I finally saw it—a flower bud of bright yellow. To my delight, what I discovered in my now front yard, were fields and fields of daffodils. Bright yellow and white

daffodils were spread all over our property and into the wooded areas beyond. As if that wasn’t enough to make me giddy with hope—another delight I had here at our new home was the blooming of

dogwood trees that lined our driveway. So many new blooms from things that I had not been able to experience before in the warm climate of our beloved Florida. Spiritual Spring is like

that as well—it is a season for blooming, growth, and expectation.

So, friend I hope you’ve had time to visit my website at patlayton.net and go to the shop where you will find a free deeper dive download that includes links for some spiritual seasons quizzes that will help you discover the season that you are in if you have not already identified it through our conversations.

Thank you again for visiting me here on the BLOG today and for  joining me on Permission to Pause.

I pray that your week is blessed and that you find lots of opportunities to sit with the Lord and consider the spiritual season of your life right now.

I’ll see you here or there, next week as we close this series with the beautiful warmth of SUMMER.



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