Comments from a recent speaking event:
Call Her Blessed Luncheon – Christian Homes of Abilene and Tyler, Tx

Just wanted to thank each of the shareholders and DK for sponsoring a table at this luncheon that was at the Abilene Civic Center today.  I was blessed and  so appreciative of DK for allowing me the opportunity to attend.  The speaker (Pat Layton, President of Life Impact Network) was fantastic and she had such an uplifting and incredible story to share. All I can say is “WOW!”

I was honored to be at Christian Homes & Family Services “Call Her Blessed” luncheon today. Please tell Sherri that it was so beautifully done and so touching. The food was delicious and we really enjoyed Pat  Layton’s moving testimony.  The room was decorated like Spring had just been there. Anyway, please tell her that our table really enjoyed the luncheon and I pray many blessings to Sherri and Christian Homes for the work they do for so many.

I have only heard very positive comments about the luncheon yesterday AND lots of them. Even reading many positive comments this morning on Facebook. It was a wonderful event in every way.  Thank you to everyone involved!!! Praise be to the God and Father of us all….

Terrific summary of a fantastic blessing we experienced in Tyler yesterday, Sherri!  Pat and Julianna shared a powerful story of grace, brokenness, repentance, redemption, and a beautiful mission to the glory of God!  Thank you for finding them for us!  Gwynn and I are excited about the possibilities of an abstinence education program and the adoption education curriculum, and we’ll pray for God’s wisdom and leading in those.  So glad you had a safe trip home, and you are in our prayers for another terrific blessing as Pat and Julianna share their hearts for God’s precious children in Abilene today!

Pat, I hope you’re are relaxing, napping, and enjoying the afterglow of two terrific presentations.  Thank you for investing so much in your presentations at both our Call Her Blessed events.  I just had to share one more note of praise with you. It’s from a woman that I would have called an “acquaintance”, not so much a close friend. We asked her to join the luncheon committee because she had retired and would have some time to help. Her story is news to me, and her comment about being a blessing in her life is my amazing moment of the day! Sherri T. Statler  President, Christian Homes & Family Services

I was so blessed today with Pat’s message at the “Call Her Blessed” luncheon!  We lost our first child at 16 weeks due to an infection and high fever.  The doctors had to do a D&C and abort the pregnancy because the baby had died.  Then I delivered our second child at 20 weeks (after four weeks of compliations while in the hospital), but he was stillborn.  Then I became insulin-dependent diabetic, went into a coma, and spent 10 days in the hospital in September of 1986.  I thought we would never be able to have our own children, so we decided we would put in for adoption the next year after our 10 year anniversary (July 22, 1987).  But…as Pat said today…God said, “Be ready to be amazed!”  Six weeks after coming out of the coma, I got pregnant…and Misty was born the week after our first anniversary…the week we were going to put in for adoption!  For all of us who have held our babies and adopted kids for the first time…I truly believe God whispers “Love Has Come For You”!

Thank you soooo much for the wonderful book written by Pat Layton.  You are a blessing in my life and I cherish your friendship more than you will ever know!  Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you.

 And the BEST!!

I attended the Beltway Ladies Retreat this weekend.  People were TALKING about the Call Her Blessed luncheon!  The “word on the street” is that this year was the best event you have ever had…best speaker, best decorations, best food!  I overheard several conversations.  Most of those women were not even there but they were talking about what they had heard.  It made me very PROUD for Christian Homes and the work God is doing!  Thank you for your hard work to make a difference in the lives of so many.  YOU are called BLESSED!

Pat’s messages inspire and encourage women to:

*Discover the Adventure of Sold-Out Surrender

*Uncover Ministry Hidden under Heartbreak

*Capture Courage and Embrace Destiny and Dreams

*Unleash the Power of God in Everyday Life

*Awaken a Renewed Thirst for God

*Experience Inspired Hope for the Future

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Surrendering the Secret–Leadership Training

Pat’s Personal “Freedom Weekend” for Women! It will change your life forever!
Imagine Me…Redeemded; Restored; Renewed…Set FREE!

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