Single Message Speaking Topics


Single Message Speaking Topics


From Pit to Purpose–Personal Testimony

Pat’s uses her personal testimony to transparently share God’s redemptive healing plan for every woman who is ready and willing to surrender her life to the loving Lordship of Jesus. Sharing her “Holiday Christian” perspective and early adulthood pathway through the pits, Pat whimsically yet powerful story shares her ultimate surrender of a “messed up life” to Christ and His “Pits to Purpose” Plans! Pat share the surprise god had for her life and invites women to uncover their own potential and possibilities for the exciting journey God has ready and waiting for each of us.

Pat’s personal testimony will help you:

  • Apply God’s promises to your life TODAY!
  • See how God wants to replace your shame and regret with His purpose and passion.
  • Allow God to HEAL your heart.
  • Discover how God wants to use your past, present and future as a ministry message for today.
  • Inspire hope and expectancy in the surprises God has planned for you.


Leadership–7 Simple Steps to a Passionate & Powerful Women’s Ministry

“If you think you are a leader and no one is following you are only taking a walk” John Maxwell. A ministry leader who is not passionately committed to the call of God on her life, will not inspire much passion in others. On the flip side, a leader who clearly knows what God has called her to do, has the opportunity to influence the entire world for generations to come. When Jesus said, “follow me”–women followed. Together, we will look at 7 examples he has set before us and be inspired to see Him work through us!

Pat will help you:

  • Identify the particular “calling” God has on your life today.
  • Find balance in the multitude of “hats” we wear as women while still stepping into the passion God has placed in your heart.
  • Inspire the partnership of others who share your ministry vision and place them into roles that result in unity and success.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how Jesus led and learn to follow His example in your own leadership role.
  • How to make people on your team feel empowered and effective


Life UnStuck-Embracing Peace with the Past, Purpose in the Present and Passion for the Future!

We girls do have some ISSUES now and then don’t we? In her new book Life Unstuck-Peace with Your Past; Purpose in Your Present; Passion for Your Future Pat uses Psalm 139 to build tangible anticipation within women for what God is doing in their dizzy, desperate and digging lives. This message is for every woman who wants to embrace the full and abundant life God promises in John 10:10.

In this message Pat will:

Provide you with PERSONAL TOOLS that will help you gain deeper insight into the one-of-a-kind woman whom God designed you to be.

  • Show you specific steps to help you experience PEACE WITH YOUR PAST and identify a clear vision of how God might use your life story for His glory.
  • Lead you into a fresh and intimate relationship with Christ where He becomes your true center, an active and personal part of your every moment, your every day.
  • Uncover the root system that makes you unique, holds your life together, and sets your course.
  • Discover God’s PURPOSE IN YOUR PRESENT circumstances and help you to see what in the He is up to in your life right now.
  • Stir your heart and mind with PASSION FOR YOUR FUTURE as you see God at work in your life yesterday and today — and His hand upon your tomorrow.