Sounds of the Season

I am about 1 hour from lighting about 50 candles, slipping some appetizers into the oven and opening my front  door to the wonderful staff of A Woman’s Place/Life Impact Network. 

My home is ready to receive her guests and so am I.

We have TONS of good food, fresh flowers and twinkling lights.
As I have worked today to prepare to serve my coworkers, I have listened to every Christmas praise and worship CD in my collection.
The one that has caused me to stop and lift up my head and hands each time I have heard it today is from a new CD that I bought this year on sale at Target. It is called “Sounds of the Season” by Julianne Hough. The song is “It wasn’t His Child/Mary Did you Know” a duet featuring Phil Vassar.
Oh my. 
“Mary did you Know” has always been a favorite of mine but this song takes me to new levels of considering the special and precious way that our Savior arrived.
I wish that each of you who have become my new friends through Blog world and through my awesome adventures around the nation this past year could come to my home tonight. 
I would sit with you, in the candle light and glow of my holiday decorations and we could worship together.
Then, we would have some Red Velvet cake and Barnies Creme Brulee’ coffee.
That would be SO cool!!
In any case, I will be thinking of you and feeling blessed.
Much Love,

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening planned. Mary Did You Know is one of my favorites. The other is Breath of Heaven. Have you heard that one? I think it would be a great song to sign to…whenever I find the time to learn. I’ve had an ASL book for about six years.

    Love to you, sweet one.

  2. I’m so impressed that you are at the computer ONE HOUR before you open your home! You really are Martha Stewart!!

    In all seriousness, I love your servant’s heart, but you know that, don’t you?

    Bless you dear friend,

  3. Paula,
    I DO know that song and love it as well. I think you should learn to sign it, it would be beautiful!

    I think you are right! I HAVE become her!! Oh goodie!!!!

  4. I for one, would so enjoy that, being surrounded by Blog Siesta’s that absolutely “DIG” Jesus.

    A song I heard this week that has totally captured my heart with it’s fun music but powerful words are “What I Want For Christmas” by Big Tent Revival.

    If you’ve not hear it, the next phrase is “is for the world to know Jesus”.

    Blessings, Merry Christmas, and lots of love because of God Himself,

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