Sometimes it just takes new shoes!

I know, I normally wax eloquent here on “Living Free”. Some DEEP stuff can be found on these pages.

Life changing issues like, lost luggage and office decorating. Important facts are uncovered and researched about Tea parties and Rocking Chairs.

However, sometimes, I just have to get away from all of that intensity and just wade a bit in the shallow end. It just clears my head.

I just finished writing a new blog post for “Surrendering the Secret” yesterday and while choosing photos of our last events, I couln’t help but notice that my IPhoto is full to the tips… with toes…and things that toes go into. I think that I may be just a TAD obsessed with FOOT Photos!

Honestly, I have a whole bunch of pictures of shoes! I take them when I am shopping so that I can come home and see how they might really look with a new, or old, outfit. Most of them I never actually purchase, like these—-

I mean REALLY. I am a Grandmother for heavens sakes. What was I thinking??? I stand in training events and woman’s conferences for hours upon hours encouraging women in their WALK with God. These shoes look like they are made for a whole ‘nother kind of “Walk” don’t you think? You can find more like them here if you have a mind for some adventure—or TORTURE!

Regardless of the cities I visit, the malls or the wonderful boutiques I find in quaint little towns around the US, I end up returning to my favorite shoe store right here at home, Nordstrom. The thing I love best about them is their kindness and easy return policy. When I go off the deep end and buy something like these, which are soon to be returned….

they are very understanding and NEVER say “What were you thinking?” How many minutes do you think those stayed on my feet??

The BEST part of these RETURN visits to my shoe store “Mother Ship” is that the money I get returned goes to things like Grandson’s Piano lessons and Granddaughter trips to see “Mary Poppins”!! SOOOO much better spent don’t you agree??!

Then again, there a some Foot Fetish Photos in my Files that I refuse to part with. One’s that have truly changed my life. Here are a few of them.

Fat ones that you can kiss for hours.

Big GIANT ones that become playgrounds.

Soft cozy ones that are filled with expectation and promise.

Chocolate ones!! GET REAL!

Then…my FAVORITE Shoes Hands (or maybe FEET) Down…..NONE!!!!

Actually, my most popular blog post of all time was about…you guessed it….SHOES! Check it out here.

Hey, if you LOVED this Shoe adventure, you will LOVE this even more. My friend Lisa MacKay has a new book out.

Check it out. She truly is DEEP and SMART and Fun!! You will love her!

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  1. I’m ready for some of those tiny, chubby, kissable toes in my life! And it tickles me that you have all these pics of shoes in your iPhoto. I love you Pat Layton. From the top of your head to the tips of your TOES. :o)

    And I didn’t know you knew Lisa…isn’t she FAB??

  2. I know my friend..It will not be long. the Grandma role is the BEST!
    You too will be gathering foot photos!!
    I can’t wait to see you…xoxoxo!

  3. No wonder I hadn’t seen a post from you in a while. You’ve moved to a whole new location while I was deep in a writing fog. Love your new place and thanks for stopping by mine and letting me know where you are. This was a great post. I love shoes too, but it seems in the past few years, I’ve kinda been healed from a shoe fetish. I don’t buy nearly as many pairs as I once did.

    Good to hear from you and I look forward to one day soon meeting you in person.


  4. Just looking at those shoes hurt my feet. I’ve never worn high heels, never even tried. I’ll leave that to the veterans.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog and for your kind comments. Thanks, also, for your continuing work for the unborn. You’re leading a valiant fight, and my prayers are with you and others as you take hold of the truth and spread it throughout the world.


  5. Elaine, I know it is true!! I must have a missing brain link somewhere huh??? Of course I did NOT buy those! I AM smarter than that!

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