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Sometimes unexpected moments make the sweetest memories. Watch for God today in unexpected ways!!

tea ceremony. Green tea, flower and teapot

Sometimes I find myself so stressed out about following God’s plan for my life—that I MISS, or ALMOST MISS, His sweet surprises. When I let myself get tired or over booked, I can easily miss the moments that God has prepared for me because I AM JUST TOO BUSY to watch for them–much less “catch” them.

Last week I had the joy of sharing “tea talk” (yep, that’s talking over tea;-) with a friend. It was totally UNPLANNED AND UNSCHEDULED but it was so fun to volley a variety of topics, all about JESUS and just life as women! It was an unexpected unraveling of each person’s story – sharing those life choices that deconstruct the walls of our anonymity and make us who we are.  I happen to LOVE the feel of a good, mucky, mind-tickling conversation!  You know the kind… they are often unexpected, sometimes revealing and always inspiring.  It’s the kind of exchange with a friend, acquaintance, or family member that lifts you right out of your ole’ ordinary self, scrambles your brain a bit and then deposits you right into your new, enlightened YOU.

When we get up each morning and surrender the day to God’s divine appointments, we essentially place our free will in His hands and give him permission to work freely! NOTHING happens by chance and every moment is preordained. (Psalm 139:16)

It reminded me that every interaction is an opportunity. I walked away with a greater appreciation for my new friend AND for God’s grace in planting this person squarely in my life.

How about you friend? How are you at allowing God to interrupt your day? Your plans? Your schedule?

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Hope to see your sweet name today!





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  1. Pat, thank you for the inspirational reminder that “every interaction is an opportunity” I SOOO needed that today and realize I miss out on so much when I don’t allow those “interruptions” that often turn into great things. I also sub’d to your newsletter – look forward to reading it!

  2. Today August 14 is my granddaughter Chelsea ‘s birthday and I would like to spend some “sweet tea time” with her. I am blessed to have three wonderful grands and she is the eldest.

    Thanks for the reminder to spend time with our loved ones talking about Jesus and our relationship with him.

    The best is yet to come!
    Love and Blessings fHs,

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