Simply Sizzling Summer Bible Study

Summer is such a tough time for us to keep ANY kind of schedule. As a matter of fact, one thing I have always loved about Summer is having fewer schedules!! HOWEVER—We CAN NOT go all summer without soaking up some SON!!


So, I was thinking it might be fun to do a Bible Study together over the Summer that is short, sweet and simple.

THEN, I HAD AN IDEA 🙂 How about if we use my new little Bible study devotional book–Born to Bloom!!!

And I hear YOU SAY—-“Yeah, great idea Pat!!”

So, of course, we will be DIVING INTO—-Psalm 139:1-24 using this ADORABLE little book!




Using the adorable (did I say that already?? 🙂 Born to Bloom devotional booklet it will only take you a few minutes each day to soak up a bit of God’s Word along with the sunshine.

You may even want to bring your kids along!!

It will be a fun and easy opportunity for them to take a look each day–MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY at what God thinks about them and think about what His big plans might be for their sweet summer days.

This is the plan:

6 weeks of study—Staring with the first Monday in June through the first Monday in July. I will actually post my prompts on Sunday afternoons.

You will only have 4 verses each week. Taking one short verse each day Monday through Thursday will be your goal.

Drop by either here or on my home blog at and tell me how God has used His Word in your week!


Wouldn’t it be COOL to try to memorize Psalm 139 over this 6 weeks time!!


How about bringing your kids along, or a close friend. You might even challenge one another to memorize 4 verses of scripture each week.

ORDER YOUR BOOKS RIGHT NOW by emailing me at or link onto the BOOKS tab above!

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  1. Am I the first to sign up? Oh well, just call me the teachers pet. 🙂 This sounds like a great bible study. Looking forward to it!!

  2. already loving it!
    Day 11 ! God started knitting me together in September of 1956(Wow! withthe dinosaurs,eh?) and all the days were fashioned for me before one of them began! He’s been working on me for a long time! Each day I’m more aware of HIs love for even me.
    I praise HIM and thank Him because He thinks I’m worth His time and calls me a planting for displaying His splendor! Incredible, loving, giving, saving God! Amen!

  3. Looking forward to this study…I’m already memorizing Psalm 139 with Beth Moore’s Siesta Scripture Memory Team for 2013. I’m on verse 11, as I am memorizing one verse every two weeks. It’s such a challenge for me, but I know God has a purpose for this particular chapter of Scripture. Hope to share this study with other friends. God bless you, Pat! You have been such an inspiration to me through the Surrendering the Secret study, book, and our encouraging blogs. I know I was “Born to Bloom”.

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