She Speaks! She Leads!!

I simply HAD to get in on the contest offered by one of my two favorite woman’s ministry teams of all time. 

I am not jumping on this because my going or not going to “She Speaks” is at stake. I have already committed to be there and cannot wait. As a matter of fact, I love this event so much that I have registered 2 of my favorite girls to join me!
I attended “She Speaks” last year with the main mission of learning more about Blogging. As an Author and Speaker I had been encouraged to start a Blog so that I might stay more connected with the women that I am blessed to meet all over the Nation as well as practice my writing skills on a daily basis (hehe….check out the date of my last post…I have NOT mastered the daily skill yet!). 
You see however, that I did start, not one but 2, Blogs. (I guess you know that since you are on it right now! YEH, Sweet Tea!) The other one is designed to support my Post Abortion Healing program “Surrendering the Secret”.  The She Speaks team was wonderful and I met a whole bunch of new blogging friends who were ready and willing to pass on all the knowledge I could take home.  I even met my wonderful “Sweet Tea” Blog designer, Dawn, at Barefoot Blogs, while I was there!!
I have attended writing and speaking conferences for over 20 years. They each have had some good things to offer and have helped me to walk the ministry walk God has had me on. I am grateful for all that I have learned and the many mentors I have had along the way.
However, let me make one statement perfectly clear….NONE….hear again…NONE…have compared to “She Speaks” in terms of overall program organization, the variety of training opportunities available and the skill and expertise of the teaching team. 
But the BEST thing about “She Speaks” is the Proverbs 31 Ministry Team. Lysa and her ministry team bubble over with kindness, support and encouragement for all who attend. The keynotes each left me ready to take on the world for Jesus!
The P31 Team is filled with some of the most precious women I have had the pleasure of meeting. Gentle Giants in the world of Christian teaching and writing, they were all easily identified in their cute matching T-Shirts. They were determined here would be no mistake in the fact that they were there for no other reason than to SERVE those who attend. Every where I turned someone was offering to help me, to answer a question or to just say hello and make me feel welcomed. 
The workshops were incredible and filled to the brim with current information and education. I came for one purpose but got so much more than I expected and met friends that I truly feel have become sisters!
If you are a woman who feels that God has called you to Speak or Write for His Kingdom Glory, this is the conference for you!
Since I am on a conference praise roll here, if you have never attended Lifeway’s Woman’s Ministry Forum put that one on your calendar as well. 
This is a Leadership conference for women in ministry that is sponsored by the Lifeway Woman’s Ministry Team.  Again, I have attended leadership training all over the Nation throughout my ministry journey. The first time I attended the Forum as a newly published Lifeway Author, I was blown away in a similar fashion to “She Speaks”. The Forum is led by Chris Adam’s, the Woman’s Ministry Director for Lifeway.
If you are serious about Woman’s Ministry both of these events are worthy of your consideration. You will be blessed I promise!! 

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  1. I recognized your name in the list on Lysa’s and had to come by. 🙂 I loved reading your praises about this conference. Makes me want to go even more!!!

    Blessings to you! 🙂

  2. Thank you Pat for your super kind words.

    What a joy it was to get to see you and spend a little time with you this weekend. Thank you for your sweet encouragement and ever faithful friendship.

    I love you dear friend~

  3. Hey my new twin sister! If for no other reason than I got to meet you and connect with your sweet heart, I am so glad I made it to Dallas! I hated that I didn’t get to say bye though. I think you were with Suzie and I was strolling around waiting for Lysa’s long line to dwindle down.

    It was such a huge blessing and fun treat to spend time with you and hear your amazing story. I can’t wait to see you at She Speaks and we definitely need to keep in touch until then!

    Take care and please let me know what you’re wearing to the conference so we can plan our outfits!


  4. I’ve heard great things about She Speaks. I had/have considered going. So many of my wonderful blogging friends attend. I just don’t think I’m going this year. It’s at a bad time with work and I think I’m attending a two day conference in Oct. in Florida by Sisters in Faith..Angie Knight, if you follow her.
    In Him,

  5. I continue to want to attend this conference. God knows if this year He will make a way. Loved reading your sweet words!

  6. Listen…I love your blogs and I’m so glad you shared about how blessed you were at She Speaks.
    I am truly sold out on needing to be there.
    You are so sweet to point more ladies that way. I wanna go!

  7. Hi Pat–Thank you for your visiting my blog. I have absolutely loved meeting you tonight!! Your ministry is awesome, your story inspiring.

  8. Hey girls!

    May I add my words of praise for “She Speaks”

    While I am not a well-known writer like sweet Pat, I have been speaking and teaching for a while and would highly recomend “She Speaks”. I attended the conference a number of years ago and it was great. Not only did I receive lots of “nuts and bolts”, but more importantly God confirmed my calling in a HUGE way!

    All this to say- I believe this is a great conference because it is soooo covered in prayer!

    Blessings to you all!

  9. So you ARE going to She Speaks??? I am too! That means we can meet!!!!!!!


  10. Thank you for the awesome encouragement and great insight into the value of attending She Speaks!!

  11. I have just recently learned about She Speaks and would love to go. I’ve been praying that God would open a door, although it seems like the finances just won’t be there this year. I’m an aspiring author (of a book), avid blogger, and public speaker (who would love to do more!). Anyhow, you are the first person who has spoken about She Speaks and I wanted to say “thanks” for sharing about how great it was … it makes it a definite goal! I have enjoyed what you do share, and look forward to more of your blogs.

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