“She Heard”



“Hello Pat”

Hello?? Who is this? Is this a sales call?

“Pat, It’s ME! This is God.”

“God Who?”

“Excuse Me??”

“Sorry Lord, I just didn’t expect to hear from you today”
Could this ever happen to you?
Are you like me sometimes and kind of put God in His special “Talk to me” places? 
We EXPECT to hear from God at church. We EXPECT to hear from God in our Bible Study. We EXPECT to hear from God in our prayer times. But sometimes God speaks the loudest and clearest when we DO NOT EXPECT IT!
I just had one of those times. 
I knew that “She Speaks” is a Christian Woman’s Speaking and Writing Conference. I knew that we would be talking ABOUT God and ABOUT His plan for our ministries of life. I knew that God’s WORD would be shared and taught in the context of the conference. But I did not drive out of my driveway last Tuesday morning expecting to have an encounter with God that would last for 6 days. I did not expect to have Him show up in such profound and undeniable moments. I did not expect to HEAR from Him in such an unforgettable ways. God began to speak to me from the first day our trip started. 
He spoke in conversations. 
He spoke at a lighthouse. He spoke in a graveyard. 
He spoke at a tiny little church. 
He spoke at a dilapidated old ministry headquarters whose original founders somewhere, somehow, lost connection with His voice as they got too caught up in their methods. 
He spoke in the active restoration process of that ministry.
He spoke through a cow and He spoke through a barn. He spoke through a faithful woman and He spoke through a man.
He spoke though a divine breakfast prayer with an amazing young woman named Sophie.
God speaks. 
I heard.
My heart continues to “ponder” the notes and the new Revelation that God brought to my heart this time away. Some can not be clearly articulated by a “wordsmith want-to-be” like me, but a few things are just riding around in my brain like a life raft on a stormy ocean wave.
Many things happened BEFORE we arrived at “She Speaks” but that event itself took on a level 5 Hurricane momentum with the very first speech by Lysa Terkeurst. Her speech was entitled “How to Discover Your Remarkable” and her 4 points NAILED my current life circumstances as the gunshot rang to start the weekend race.  
I highly recommend your ordering that speech as well as the the closing message by Renee Swope and any of the workshops!
However, if you have to choose just one thing, I know that Lysa would join me in encouraging you to start with the Saturday night speech by Jennifer Rothschild
I have been blessed to hear Jennifer Rothschild speak many times as we are often on the same trail with LIfeway Woman’s Events. She is always amazing as her life itself is a ministry and a proclamation of the goodness and power of God, 
However, her speech on Saturday night went down in my book as one of the 5 MOST LIFE CHANGING Speeches I have ever heard!!! 
I really mean that. 
If you buy this tape and do not agree, you let me know and I will BUY IT BACK!!
Jennifer’s speech was so clearly the voice of God that the 600 people in the room could barely move when she was done. To see her take the arm of her husband and leave the room was as if to watch God Himself carry her out. It was unforgettable.

Good Morning Lord….

I was EXPECTING to hear your voice!!  

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  1. ummmm…please don't tell me that you were there and I didn't meet you.

    Ugggghh. My heart aches.

    And yes, Jennifer Rothschild message Saturday night was simply amazing. I bolted out of the auditorium, went straight to my room and wept before the Lord.

    I can't believe I didn't know you were there.


  2. I absolutely LOVE Jennifer Rothschild and have heard her speak at numerous times. I was not at SheSpeaks but hope to go next year. But I will check out the available tapes you linked us to.

    BTW, I see Sandy left a message above. I wrote a post about Sandy going to SheSpeaks with her manuscript. We were all praying for our friend Sandy. Too bad you two didn't get to say hello in person.

    Blessings to you,

  3. Pat, thank you for reminding me to expect God to speak to me anytime and anywhere.

    Can we actually order tapes? To my understanding, in the past you had to attend the conference in order to purchase them. Oh, I'd love to order a few from this year if I can!!!!

    So glad you had such a personal encounter with God.


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