Share a Dream and Win A Dinner Date with “Pioneer Woman”

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was getting the brand new The Pioneer Woman Cookbook. I love this book. Not only did I read every page of Ree’s story, I also have inspected every recipe. I plan to cook through the entire book this year. Obviously I was inspired by the movie Julie and Julia. I have no hopes of becoming neither Julia Child nor her daily blogging protege. I just like to cook and I like to write so I figured I would cook, now and then (Honey will be grateful) and write about it, now and then (hopefully someone will be grateful).

I have already gifted a copy of the book to my Daughter-in-Law, Kim, who practically IS “Pioneer Woman” in her own right–critters and all.

Check out her blogs “ForeverWherever” and “Everything Etsy” and you will see what I mean. She is amazing!

Then we have our middle son, who also has an amazing wife with many talents but does NOT like to cook. Fortunately he always has. The very day after he and I hung over my kitchen counter exploring the pages of my cookbook, that handsome renaissance man went out and bought a copy. He has no blog but is joyfully savoring the secrets of this fresh cookbook as well.

All this to say…..One of my many goals for 2010 is to give a book away each month. It seems pretty obvious the one I should share with you.

My January book giveaway is “Pioneer Woman” Cookbook!


This is the catch—

I need some feedback for a new women’s conference that I am kicking off this year called “Imagine Me–Redeemed, Restored, Renewed…Set Free”

The conference is about finding or restoring the purpose of your life and the delightful freedom of chasing your dreams.

So this is my question…..What is ONE of Your Dreams???? Your PERSONAL dream, not social, global (like save the planet) but God Given-Heart Driven (like write a book, have your own business, be a mommy, sail around the world, own a vineyard, be a Rock Star)

What is the current status of this particular dream?

How have your dreams changed over the years?

What are your dream stoppers? Has anyone or anything ever tried to steal your dream?

What do you need to have happen for your dream to come true?

Tell me about it.

Steps To win the cookbook:

1) Write a post ON YOUR BLOG that shares your dream!

2) Within the post link back to this post/contest

3) IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A BLOG–Post on Facebook or Send me an email telling me your dream

4) Either Way–Leave a comment HERE letting me know you are joining in.

I will draw a name on Sunday 1/31 and send the winner a brand new “Pioneer Woman” Cookbook!!

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  1. Since I have had over 200 visits and no comments yet, I figured maybe I should go first.
    One of my non-world changing/”lighter”dreams is to have a house with a wrap around porch. Anyone who knows me knows about that dream and how long I have had it. The visual picture that I have of a home like that, is to sit outside with a glass of sweet tea or a good book and wait for someone to pass by and visit. I picture drooping flower baskets and white wicker. I see myself serving sandwiches to family members or ice cream to Grandkids. There is just something about it that makes me feel good. Kind of “Thomas Kinkaid”.
    We have tried to build/buy in this direction on a few occasions but never seemed to end up in this particular dream. I have had wonderful homes, just not my dream home, yet.
    This year, in THIS economy, we are going to try to sell our home and build our dream home.
    OK, I have a GREAT book to give away!

  2. I had a dream when I was young, I wanted to marry a man who loved his country, move to the country and live happily ever after. This city-girl’s dream came true when I married the baby blue marine that brought me home to the farm in the middle of nowhere in Missouri. It seemed my dream had come true.
    The great thing is that we can have lots of dreams. Today my dream is to make our home a place where people feel comfortable stopping by and to keep the ‘homeplace’ for his brothers, sisters and extended family.
    We moved in to my mother-in-law’s house when she was sick and stayed after she passed away. We have been updating and renovating to complete the dream she had when they built the house, with their own hands, in 1947. Her dream for a warm and loving home was fulfilled as she raised her 5 children within these walls, nursed family members, and ran a chicken business to send her children to private schools. As she breathed her last breath her dream to pass her work on to her children was fulfilled as she stepped into the arms of the savior.
    Each year we have a huge family gathering on the farm. Another dream is that we will have the entire Sonnenmoser/Kuhnert brood of over 200 people with us in the next year or two. Our highest number so far has been 120, that was the summer before we said good-bye to John’s mom.
    Dreams come and go and I’m sure I will dream several more about this house, this family and the heritage God gave us. It’s so sweet to see your dreams become prayers and then become testimonies of grace and love.

  3. Wow Pam. I love this dream and all that you have done to capture it already. The larger my family gets the more I love having them in one place.
    Thank you so much for sharing it. I love keeping in touch and will be visiting your blog and encouraging your writing!!

  4. My dream is to get married to someone in full-time ministry. My dream is for my daughters to have the love of a father they’ve never known. They are not too old to have this restored in their lives. I’ve attended singles groups, went on, and finally decided to quit trying to help God out. I figure if this desire is in my heart (and it has been for many years), that it’s from Him and He will bring it to pass. I have honored God in this area of my life by choosing not to date for the last 15 years. I wanted to focus on getting my girls raised and I wanted to set a godly example for them. Well, they are both grown now and I’m ready to meet that special someone who loves the Lord as much as I do. I’m daring to dream and believe it’s going to be this year (I’m not getting any younger!).

  5. My dream……..I grew up with horses. I love everything about them! But when I got married 35 years ago, we were just too poor to keep my horse, so I sold her. About 2 years ago, our church’s recreation ministry decided to put together several camping trips a year. I also love camping, so my youngest daughter and I have been camping trip regulars. On many of these camping trips, we also trail ride horseback. Since we don’t have horses (many of the campers bring their own horses), we always have to rent. My dream is to be able to own a horse again and ride several times a week instead of a couple of times a year. I even have the kind of horse picked out, because I surf the web looking at them and dreaming. My perfect horse would be a gaited, mountain trail gelding – maybe buckskin or palomino in color – or even a tobiano black and white spotted horse.

    I don’t have any idea how I can make this dream come true, but nothing is outside the ability of my heavenly Father… maybe….someday 🙂

  6. Oh Cyndi..
    How precious. This made me cry. So sweet just like you. You deserve the man and the marriage of your dreams girl. Hold tight to God’s promises for you!!

    This used to be one of my dreams!! Horses! I love them. I’ll just believe God with YOU then you can feed them and clean up that poopey stuff :). I will just come over and ride that beautiful Palomino!! What will it take?? Money? property? What can you do TODAY to step towards your dream??

  7. I don’t really know how this dream can become reality. In fact I don’t know anything more than getting past each day right now. On New Year’s Day, my husband of 35 years announced that he is divorcing me, so life as I have known it since I was 19 years old is upside down. What I do know, though, is God is faithful, He is walking this tragedy with me and His blessings are new every day. As much as I can’t even imagine being in a relationship with anyone else, maybe (like Cyndi), God has a Godly man out there that loves horses too and would want to share that passion with someone like me.

  8. Debbie,
    My heart broke to hear your story. God truly is faithful. You are miles ahead with your ability to know that and claim it’s truth.
    My prayers are with you sweet sister,

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