SEEDS #7–Let’s Enjoy God This Week!


Psalm 68:1-4 

Up with God!
Down with his enemies!
Adversaries, run for the hills!
Gone like a puff of smoke,
like a blob of wax in the fire—
one look at God and the wicked vanish.
When the righteous see God in action
they’ll laugh, they’ll sing,
they’ll laugh and sing for joy.
Sing hymns to God;
all heaven, sing out;
clear the way for the coming of Cloud-Rider.
Enjoy God,
cheer when you see him!

I love this verse of scripture, especailly written in this way! It makes me want to say YHOO-HOO!  Away from me fear! Away from me pressure and stress! Away from me feelings of failure! Away from me heartache! Away from me financial stress! Away from me rejection! When I examine this verse I just want to sing and dance and celebrate who God is and how good He is to me! Funny how when we focus on how BIG God is we remember how SMALL our enemy is!

CLEAR THE WAY (in my head–in my heart–in my mouth–in my thoughts) CLEAR THE WAY FOR THE COMING OF CLOUD-RIDER 🙂

Honey and I took my Mom out for a Valentines Day lunch and movie. Our plan was to see one movie but when we arrived at the theatre there had been a mistake in the listed movie times. At the advice of a STRANGER (not always a good idea) we chose another movie. We saw Winters Tale. I guess it was a FLOP according to reviews but–guess what–We REALLY liked it. It was a surprise to us, we are no strangers to walking out of a movie at any point when our Spirits just simply reject the junk. This one, although not having 100 Biblical values, kept us fixed and seeing some cool Biblical truths showing up all over the place. It is a mixture of reality and fantasy. One tiny piece of fantasy is a flying white horse/angel. Okay so MAYBE Angels show up in this way and maybe not. I don’t propose to know all the answers but this is what I loved–every time that White Horse showed up, I smiled.

In this verse the words “Cloud Rider” make me smile.

I just love those words and love that image. I love that God can be anything He wants to be and ride any cloud he desires, JUST FOR FUN! I hope He will allow me to ride a cloud someday! Plus the fact is that Revelations says, HE is coming on a White Horse!

This is our deposit challenge this week.

Every day, watch for a FUN way God shows up in your life. Let’s focus on ENJOYING GOD this WEEK! Let’s look for Him in a laugh. A sweet conversation with a friend. Something funny your kids do. A clean joke on Facebook. An unexpected delivery of flowers. Watch for Him in unexpected places this week and prepare to share!

I cannot WAIT to hear some of these. I am so excited to see God in some fun places I will send a FREE Born to Bloom book to SOMONE who shares this week!

Much Love!!


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