SEEDS #3–Ask for Nothing and Get it All!


When the turn came for Esther (the girl Mordecai had adopted, the daughter of his uncle Abihail) to go to the king, she asked for nothing other than what Hegai, the king’s eunuch who was IN CHARGE of the harem, suggested. And Esther won the favor of EVERYONE WHO SAW HER! Esther 2:15

Oh my goodness gracious. I honestly am undone by the verse God dropped into my heart this morning. I prayed for fresh S.E.E.D.S  for our team. For us to be stirred up by God’s Word. Oh my, did God ever meet me in my prayer chair today. He provided the SEEDS alright, but along the way I am having to deal with some WEEDS as well!

There is absolutely no doubt that SEEDS lead to WEEDS!

I know I have some WEEDS sprouting. Right here, right now. I need to be filled with His Spirit. Before I can BLOOM in this season, I need to actually experience some weed digging moments that will RESULT in BLOOM in my life.

These words about Esther pricked my heart this morning.

Esther was smack dab in the middle of pressure. She was living in the midst of lots of unknowns. She had responsibilities she had no clue how to navigate. Yet, she chose to trust. She chose to be content. She chose to allow God’s favor to find HER!

I am going to be moving my home this week. One day this week. I don’t know which one. That pattern is kind of how this has all gone. A whole bunch of “not sures” have been in my pathway.

We listed our home for sale a few weeks before Thanksgiving (I was not sure WHY but my husband felt God was leading us. (He is my “Hegai” in this case :)).

The realtor thought it would be way past the holidays before we had any serious lookers. “People rarely shop for homes over the holidays”.

Uh huh…We sold our home of 20 years in 8 days. We started shopping for a new home–“over the holidays”!

We found a beautiful new home that has been filled with lots of–pressures, unknowns, responsibilities.

We close on January 27th and begin a new journey. We are NOT SURE when we close on the new house.

Unknowns, pressures, responsibilities.

As we are packing (and packing and packing) 20 years of life, I cry over the silliest things like the window my daughter cracked with a pool ball. Like the door frame that has all my children and grandchildren’s growth heights marked. (Can one rip a door frame from a house? Do you think they would notice?). There have been SO MANY times over the past few weeks when I have had breakdowns. Not pretty breakdowns. I have been NEEDY and I have had lots of DEMANDS and EXPECTATIONS for things to be easier and go my way. I am so sorry about that. In spite of several heart to hearts with Jesus and many prayers asking for “do overs”, I have often been edgy and my emotions have slipped many times.

On top of all of this, I have a new contract to write a book in 2 months. At this point my “book” is simply a big bunch of words. I am not sure how all this will come together but I am SURE God is. (Ps 139:16)

Just like Esther–there are times when we all face lots of pressure–lots of unknowns and lots of responsibility.

There are seasons when we are NOT SURE how something will work out.

The GOOD NEWS IS– God is a SURE THING! When we rely on Him and not people, places or things–He will give us FAVOR!

It may surprise you but this not the first time I have ever stubbled through a blessing while dragging along fears, unknowns, and “beyond my abilities” responsibilities. Listen to this story and you will hear about another time in my life when I was so focused on what I NEEDED that I almost MISSED an amazing life change. God reminded me of it this morning.

Oh my, I want HIS surprises. I want His favor.

Esther has given me an example, a focus for the week….I hope you will join me.

Lets try this together this week. Let’s take on an “ask for nothing” attitude of those around us and allow God, the ONE who is in SURELY IN CHARGE, to overwhelm us with HIS FAVOR!!

Oh my Jesus, you are my relentless lover. You love me unconditionally. You never give up on me. You never abandon me regardless of my silly pity parties, my misbehavior, my continued attempts to control everything and everyone around me to try to make my own life easier. Lord, I am your servant, I am your daughter. I WANT MORE OF YOU. I want ALL of you. Shake me up. Hold my face in your hands Jesus, draw my gaze towards you and not towards these many things unknown and untidy that surround me. Look at me eye to eye and breath to breath. Remind me of your omnipotence and let me sink into your charge. Holy Spirit, guide me this week and remind me through your sweet soft leadings–ASK FOR NOTHING PAT. Trust me. Lean on Me. I will show you favor beyond your imagination! Amen! 

PLEASE, my Blooming SEEDS Sister–lets plant this verse together this week! I know I am yearning for this truth to BLOOM in me.

How about you?

Are you facing any pressure this week?

Do you have any “unknowns” in your life right now?

How about things you have no idea how you will manage?

Talk to me!

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  1. I hope your move and that transition is going well. I wondered when seeds #4 will be available? no pressure!! I know you are busy!! 🙂 Thanks!

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