Seed #1: How to Please God.

She is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields fruit in season and whose leaves do not whither. Whatever she does prospers!

Here we go ladies. 2014 has begun and we are going to PLANT the RICH SEEDS of God’s Word together.

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Special NOTE:

SEEDS will be available on both my personal website at and my Conference website at Either site will have the same material.

How cool will it be to start a brand new year in God’s Word with some sisters from all over the nation you haven’t even met yet? I am counting on some real, transparent feedback here on the blog as we grow into more of what God has for us–body, mind and spirit. I believe some new friendships will form and some of you will become G.I.R.L.S (girlfriends in REAL LIFE!).

I will be posting a chosen verse of scripture each Sunday.

The idea is for you to spend the entire week PLANTING that one verse of scripture into your life, really allowing God to stir it in your heart and begin to bloom.

You can review the SEEDS plan here.

Lets get this party started at the ROOTS!

I advise you to get yourself a brand new Prayer Journal so that you can record what God does through our Word discipline this year. It will be fun to share what we have learned at the end of the year. I am praying about a way for us to actually come together–maybe in person!! My new book Imagine Me–Set Free is set to be released by Regal next January. I would say all coming together for that, would be a PARTY!! How about you? Please keep it in prayer. 

Anyway, back to the journal, I always cover mine with words cut from magazine and cards that have been given to me, with words that I feel God is stirring in my life during this season. Here is a picture of some of my past Prayer Journals. I am working on the cover of my new one this weekend. Here is an example:


Take some time as you are writing out the verse of the week for the first time, to consider and record what God is saying to you through His SUPERNATURAL Word today.

Be sure to share under the comments what you feel free to share. Your courage will help us all connect.

Today, we dig a little deeper to plant our SEED.

Read the entire Chapter of Psalm 1. It is only 8 verses! Record what those words do in your heart. Do they scare you? Give you comfort? Make you wonder? Make you happy or sad? Write in your journal what you feel God is saying to YOU! Write the verse of the week in your journal from a different version of the Bible (I am using the Amplified version) as well as on a 3X5 index card that can be carried with you all week. Be sure to allow God to speak to you in your quiet times this week and personalize this verse for you alone.

Try to say the verse of scripture by memory. Just Imagine how your life will change if by the end of the year you have memorized a scripture each week. You can do this!! I can do this 🙂

Your sharing here on the blog as well as with people in your everyday world is what will make the biggest difference in how God uses His Word in your life. I would love to hear a bit each day but at least ONCE A WEEK, tell me what God is doing and who He is speaking to you through the Words He encouraged me to share. I will do the same!

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  1. I am really looking forward to the “Seeds”. I am praying to get closer to God this year and serve more. I have a lot of decisions to make about my job and service to the Lord and I am praying that I will make the right decisions to be in His will. God Bless you and all you do in Blessing us.

    1. Thank you Joann, I will be looking forward to hearing how God leads you through His Word this year.
      Blessings to you today 🙂

  2. I love what my concordance said about Psalm 1:2: The spiritually “happy” man is characterized by the consistent contemplation and internalization of God’s word or ethical direction and obedience.

    I am so thankful God has given us His word for protection and direction.

    1. I agree Gwen. I often wonder how people actually survive the day-to day challenges of LIFE without God’s Word and the promise that He will sustain and guide us.
      Pressing in for SPIRITUALLY speaking–Happy, Happy, Happy 🙂

  3. Sorry . . . typo!. It should read:

    The spiritually “happy” man is characterized by the consistent contemplation and internalization of God’s word FOR ethical direction and obedience.

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