Rockin’ Chairs and Rockin’ Babies, Rock of Old and Rock of Ages

No road trip worth it’s salt is a road trip, without a stop at Cracker Barrel, right! 

Last  weekend honey and I took a little day drive, you couldn’t really call it a “trip” but it just so happened that a Cracker Barrel was on our way so we took advantage of it and had a wonderful afternoon breakfast.

One thing that I can hardly tolerate is a trip to CB that is so rushed as to not allow at least a short rest in a Rocking Chair. 
I mean life is just TOO busy if that has to happen.
On our last stop, I picked up a brochure called “The Family of Cracker Barrel Rockers” just because of the title, my love for rockers and the new sickness that I have that sees so much of life through a possible blog post! 
This one really grabbed me because I knew that I would enjoy posting about it even if no another person ever read it. 
One article was called “Why Babies like Rocking Chairs”.
Since my life is surrounded by babies…born and unborn, related and not related, and I adore rocking any of them in rocking chairs, I thought this seemed worthy of my study. 
I pulled up a rocker and read!
Come to find out, it was an astounding discovery!
Babies LOVE the motion of a rocker going back and forth!! Wow! Go figure.
Seriously, the second point that the informative brochure captured was definitely a keeper:

“Ever wonder why babies love rocking chairs? 
Is it the simple, gentle motion they find comforting? OR????  
is it the fact that they can feel the rocking chair working it’s magic on YOU?
Maybe they sense that one of the world’s adults is, at long last, coming to a much needed stand still. Because, when you think about it, a rest from forward movement is exactly what a rocking chair is. 
In this life, where everyone is trying to get ahead and get to the top, rocking chairs are about getting you nowhere at all. 
They are designed to keep you right where you are!

Rocking back and forth,
back and forth,
back and forth,
back and forth, lulling you into the moment.

Where you can enjoy a nice view. Catch up with a good friend. recall a happy memory, or maybe make a new one.
It’s funny when you think about it like that.
The question shouldn’t be, why do babies love rocking chairs. The question is, why on earth did the rest of us ever outgrow them?”
I for one, have not! I have them in the back yard, in the front yard and in the house!
I have 6 of them in fact!
How about you?
How many rocking chairs do you have friend?

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  1. I had to laugh at your comment about viewing everything as a possible blog post – are we viewing the world through blog-colored glasses? :o)

    I have but one rocking chair, and that is the one in which my mom rocked me and I rocked my girls. It’s waiting, now, for the next generation of rocking relishers.

    Love to you my friend,

  2. I only have one but would have a house full of them if I could. Some of my best times in the world were rocking my babies, who by the way aren’t babies anymore. Now I just borrow babies to rock.


  3. I have two on the front porch. I do have one wooden rocker in my front room but technically that is my mom’s. I am only using it to add furniture to that room while it’s on the market to be sold. I do lock rockers though. I also love their sister…the glider. My mom has a covered three seater glider on her patio. It actually lays out flat to lay on. I’m hoping when I move that I too can get one of those gliders with soft cushion and all.

  4. Melinda, Kelli and Paula,
    I thought it was so cool that you each mentioned
    “generational” rocking. The rocker that have that was passed from my Mom to me is now at my younger son’s house being used to rock our newest GBaby!
    I love that–It’s better than jewelry!

    Paula, I agree about gliders, this post got me thinking about swings!
    Bless you girls,

  5. Funny you should ask… I’ve been contemplating getting some for my back patio but have yet to make that decision. But right now since I’m enjoying a mini vacation in the mountains I just happened to have plopped myself in a rocker all day long today on an open cypress planked porch with a woodburning fireplace. Ahhhh… rockers and the mountains… AND a stop at cracker barrel on the way up.

  6. aaaawww…Meems, No Fair!! Mountains, fireplaces AND Rockers!
    I can’t wait for my turn in a few weeks!!

    Your back patio is calling out for rocking chairs. I am looking forward to them!

  7. I have one grown up rocker (purchased when expecting my first 6 years ago) and one child-sized rocker, inherited from my sister for that same baby. She bought it unfinished and stained it for her own baby (now 19). When my boys outgrow it, I’ll keep it to return to my neice when she has a little one of her own who needs a chair to rock in.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you’ll drop by again some time.

  8. Refresh Mom,
    I LOVE your blog (Check it out friends)!
    I had not even thought about the BABY rockers. They are the best. I used to have one around here but honestly don’t know who walked off with that one, hmmm.
    Thanks for the visit. I will definitely be back to se you,

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