Reviving the Past: Finding New Life in Old Memories and Treasures

Greetings, friend! ????

Welcome to another moment of calm with the latest episode of my podcast Permission to Pause. We’re now in our third year together on this journey, and I’m so grateful that you continue to take these moments to pause and reflect with me.

In Episode 89, “Reviving the Past,” we dive into the beautiful concept of making old things new again. Inspired by 2 Corinthians 5:17, we explore how we can find peace with our past while discovering the hidden treasures within it.

Here are some key highlights from the episode:

1. **Rediscovering Value in Objects**:

– Learn how your attic’s forgotten treasures can be given new life.

– Embrace the concept of sustainable living as you re imagine old items for a new purpose.

2. **Renewing Relationships**:

– Hear personal stories on keeping long-distance friendships alive.

– Find simple ways to breathe new life into precious relationships.

3. **Personal Renewal**:

– Reflect on Isaiah 43:19 and discover how to rejuvenate your spirit amidst life’s challenges.

– Look back on your journey and appreciate the growth God has guided you through.

4. **Spiritual Revival**:

– Embrace the Bible’s message of transformation and let it guide you toward a new identity in Christ.

– Reflect on where you see Jesus in your story and invite spiritual restoration.

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Let’s embrace this pause as an opportunity to honor the past while looking forward to the new things God has in store.

With gratitude and peaceful pauses,


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