Resurrection Guaranteed!

Happy GREAT FRIDAY friends!

I was recently reading a series of comments in a facebook group I am part of. One woman, someone I know and love, shared with the group the constant disappointments of her life over the past few years. I know it is true, I have watched her journey from afar. She does seem to be dragged from one STUCK place to another. In response to her transparent sharing, came a stream of “ME TOO” declarations!!

Woman after woman shared how her constant dead ends, unanswered prayers and perceived failures have often led to disappointment with God and sometimes even anger.

It made me think.

I have been studying Martha and Mary’s response to Jesus to the loss of their brother Lazarus. It struck me how just AFTER Jesus resurrected Lazarus, along came His own painful journey and these women were thrown right back into disappointment!!

“So then he told them plainly, Lazarus is dead…” John 11:14

It all caused me to wonder.

WHAT IF, the ROOT of the MAJORITY of our disappointments is found in how we SEE things rather than what GOD intends for them to be/do in our lives??!!



Every single time, He has a resurrection plan!!

How differently would things look, would our testimony look, if we just took our disappointments, our limited perspectives and our weariness to Him but like Martha, kept a grip on our belief?

“But I know that EVEN NOW God will give you whatever you ask” John 11:22

How would it make a difference if instead of giving the enemy victory through our constant disappointments, expectations and pursuit of our PERCEIVED perfect results–we chose to hold on to our belief that HE IS ALWAYS GOOD!

Today is a GREAT FRIDAY.

Today is another chance to stay the course, to trust and follow HIM!

“Jesus said to her, “I am THE RESURRECTION and THE LIFE”. John 11:25

I’m certainly not claiming to accomplish this every time either but I’m thankful that we are here to spur one another along!!

If on this GOOD FRIDAY, your life doesn’t look so “GOOD” please leave me a note in the comments and just say–I NEED A (Health, Job, Ministry, Family member…) RESURRECTION….and I will pray for you, right here, right now.

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Happy Easter Friends!!


ps–thank you @priscillashirer for the above graphic! It is perfect!!

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  1. Happy Easter, Pat! He is risen! What blessed hope we have because of the resurrection. I am in need of a health resurrection. My body is weak and weary, and has been for many years. Easter is a special time for me to remember that Christ arose, and that one day I will be raised with Him! How I look forward to my resurrection body on the New Earth!

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