Rescuing a Rat

One little “happy place” in life for me is to snuggle under my bed covers and read a book while the rain twinkles on the window. Somehow that soft sounds makes all things right with the world.

NOT SO MUCH when I am startled out of bed at 2 am by thunder and lightning that seems to be shooting at my bed and rain that is pelting the glass as if to break through at any moment. That is what happened night before last. Our whole house woke up thinking it was another one of those pesky Florida hurricanes. It was not, but it sure made our streets look like rivers.

Soon after I woke up my middle son called and began to tell me about a daring animal rescue his family had made after the storm.

A tiny little critter was discovered floating on the sidewalk in front of their home on the verge of death by drowning.

Oh my!

My son and Daughter-in-love and all the Grand “G’s” went to work to rescue the little critter, thinking it might be a baby kitty or a squirrel.

They wrapped it in a warm towel, lovingly nurtured it and whispered encouraging words of life over it’s wrecked little body.

As all of that loving care began to take hold, the little critter began to BLOOM 🙂



Oh goodie.

I wonder, had they known this was a RAT and not a Squirrel or a Kitty, would they have worked so hard to rescue that critter?

This past week, I spoke at a ministry event in Texas where a beautiful young woman shared her RESCUE story with me. Basically, when she went to the crisis pregnancy center in her community she was in critical condition. She had been beaten up and abandoned by her unborn child’s father. She had nothing but the clothes on her back and they were rags.

The team at this center brought her inside; wrapped her up tight with blankets AND LOVE and spent the next YEAR helping her get her life in order. She was a gorgeous example of what grace and love can do when it looks beyond the obvious and sees the possibilities.

THAT is what we do EVERY DAY at Life Impact Network in Tampa. Every day we RESCUE those being led away to slaughter as God instructs us to do in Proverbs 24:11.

ONE DAY each year, we have a Walk for Life to raise money to do what we do.

Rescue women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

Restore women and men who have bought the lie of abortion.

Revelation 12:11—Release testimonies of the goodness of God and HIS REDEEMING RESCUE OF RATS!! (Read about mine here)

This Saturday, I am going to Walk for Life. I would be so honored by your financial gift to help us RESCUE more women and men who may feel like Rats but God sees as RADIANT!!

Here is my Walk for Life Page.

Everyone who makes a pledge of $25 or more will get a free book from me!!


Have you ever BEEN or RESCUED a RAT??

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  1. Ugh! I would have been so mad if I had unknowingly rescued a rat or a squirrel!!! What a story though! I’m sure there are many times in my life when I could have been a rat or a squirrel and praise God, He rescued me!!Blessings to you.

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