Pretty In Pink Party!

The countdown continues… Next week Life Unstuck will turn 1 year old! Join the party:-)



I was perusing Pinterest, as I’m apt to do when I find myself in need of a daydream, and I found myself browsing birthdays! I was furiously clicking from page to page, idea to idea. I could feel my brain light up: decor, baked goodies, pink favors, and on and on. YES! All of that brain busting… for a book!!!

OK, so I may be losing it a bit, but I harken back to those months nearly 2 years ago when I cried for lack of clarity in my message; I despaired at moments of writer’s block; I laughed in hysteria (truly, hysteria – I’m not even overstating it) as I shouted for God to HELP ME create a tool that would best serve friends like you.

I’ll be golly if God didn’t answer me right back! He dragged the words out of me sentence by excruciating sentence until I wept, this time with joy, for his grace and divine presence on my heart. You’ve been there, I’m sure. Perhaps not in a book-writing capacity, but certainly Jesus has answered your call, when you needed it. How you needed it. In the time you needed it. And so you know that, when you make it to the “other side” of the mountain, the air is sweet with wonder and thankfulness.

So continue to join me as we celebrate a “Pretty In Pink Party” throughout the month of March. Here’s how you can join AND receive a FREE GIFT!!!!

Week One Winner: Deborah Bryan
Week Two (This Friday 3/11): One pair of cute Spring boots just in time for April Showers!
Week Three: A Life Unstuck Gift box filled with goodies and fun!
Week Four: A FREE product of your choice from my online store!
In order to be a “birthday girl” like my sweet book Life Unstuck, here’s whatcha do (in PRIORITY order):
*****First–Please, if you haven’t already–Buy a book and let me know! 
Send me a copy of your Amazon or other Retailer receipt (either via my email or in the comments section below).
*****Second–Write an Amazon review (please note: this only works for anyone that has not already written a review)

*****Third–Share the book with YOUR FRIENDS on Social Media! Use the hashtag #lifeunstuck or post a picture of Life Unstuck (simply copy/paste the picture below) on your social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog sites.



*****Fourth–Share my weekly e-letter, A Refreshing Pause! (if you’re not already receiving the newsletter, simply visit my home page at
*****IMPORTANT: However you participate in this party, please let me know where to look for your support! I want to make sure I don’t leave out any active participants in the weekly gift giveaways!*****
3 ways to let me know you’ve shared: 
post a comment on my blog, Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter
 using #lifeunstuck
I can’t wait to GIVE AWAY MORE GIFTS!!!

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