Pick a T-Shirt – Vote for your favorite!

How about a little virtual clothes shopping? Nothing too fancy, just a fun t-shirt for the upcoming Imagine Me Set Free Conference in Eastman, GA. We’ve got a few designs and color combos to choose from and would love your help!

If you click on the first picture it will open up a larger version of the picture and you can just click through all of them… if you look closely underneath each picture (in the enlarged view) you’ll see a number that corresponds to the design. (the number should also magically appear if you run your mouse over the picture above)

The ones that start with a “1” are the designs without the large flower in the background. The ones that start with a “2” are the ones with the little flowers AND the big flower. The ones that begin with a “3” are just the big flower, without the smaller background flowers.

Thanks for your vote and comments!
[poll id=2]

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  1. Pat,

    I liked several of them, but in the end I voted for yellow. I like the simpler design without the larger flower in the background. Loved the black and the orange, too.


  2. Hi Pat,

    Love the t-shirt designs! Will these be available for purchase for those of us who attended previous IMSF weekends? I attended the San Antonio freedom weekend.

  3. Thank you for voting ladies. I ma very proud on my first born son’s creative blessings and sharing his talent with his MOM!!!

    Yes, yes, Debbie, once chosen we will add to the website!


  4. I had to go with the yellow…it’s my favorite color…plus I liked that it had both the types of flowers. But…it was a tough choice because I really liked the green, too! : ) Looking forward to the freedom weekend in Eastman!

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