Permission to Pause: Episode 6: Let’s pause and consider the power of being READY TO ROLL!

Hey friend–this week on the podcast we are talking about being BEING READY to RESPOND when God leads!

2 Timothy 4:2 says, I give you this charge preach the word be ready to do it whether it’s convenient or not convenient.

Another version says in season or out of season.

If you have joined me on our 21-day study of women with secrets, we have looked deeply into the story of Abigail and have been on a very personal journey with her as if we have been a fly on the wall. Seeing not like the rest of the world sees, but as God sees. There has been so much content for discussion and pause within these verses of scripture. I hope you’ve joined us in the Facebook group. Here is the LINK!

Scripture tells us that we are to always be ready.

I have a young friend that I’ve had the privilege of mentoring over the over the past many years.I have always recognized the gifts in her for teaching, preaching, and ministry but life has gotten in the way. Over and over, she has endured many seasons of loss and struggle. Roadblocks to a greater ministry. Through it all, I have watched her keep the faith and be a beautiful example of grace, faith, and perseverance. A few years back in the middle of her mess, a need appeared in her life through her young son. Because she was ready, she was able to step up and meet that need. As you might imagine what started off as a simple offering to serve, has blossomed into a full-time, all in, ministry where her gifts are blooming. I have watched her bloom like a fall vegetable garden in late September and became an all out harvest.

Timothy charged us to be ready in season or out of season.

Let me ask you in this moment of pause, might you be in the middle of a life mess? Maybe even a heartbreak or a loss?

Let’s pause today and ask Jesus, “Am I ready Lord, if a need or an opportunity or a divine appointment dropped onto my path today? Am I ready to respond?”

If not, let’s take this time of pause to ask, “Lord, what do I need to do Lord to be ready? What needs to shift? What needs to be attended to? What needs to be re framed?”

On the other hand if you’re able to say, “Yes Lord I am ready, send me!” Just say so—with a thankful heart!

2 Timothy 4:2 says, I give you this charge preach the word BE READY.

Prayers and blessings friend!


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  1. It’s 2021, and I have never heard of your Surrendering the Secret Bible Study until today. Have churches kept it under wraps — only for their own church members – a secret Bible study for those with a big secret??? What about those who don’t attend a church because of their guilt and shame and feelings of unworthiness? I finally heard about godeeperstill.org in 2019 and accepted God’s forgiveness and received His healing in all the places that were broken. It is amazing and humbling what He has done in my life since then. Thank you for all that you have done and are doing that l read about today. I am sure your reward will be great.

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