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Pause and listen to the Pots and Pans!

Let’s take a look at 1 Samuel 3:9

Speak Lord, your servant is listening.

Last post we thought about God’s word in John 10:27 that reminds us that God’s people LISTEN for His voice and OBEY Him.

Lets stay a bit longer in that place of pause as we consider the LISTENING LIFE—

What does it really mean to YOU to HEAR GOD’s VOICE?


How do you know when you have heard?

And a really big question is How can I find enough quiet and stillness to actually HEAR from God when my life is so busy and full I can barely hear myself think!

I once read about a Monk name Brother Lawrence who sought to practice the presence of God in the most ordinary situations,

Most would actually consider Lawrence an unimpressive man whose main monastery job was to wash dishes in the kitchen .

What Brother Lawrence understood that most do not But when he understood that so many miss, is that God is no less present in our everyday lives as he is in the dazzling performance of those whose position is front and center.

He learned form his humble place of service that God is equally as present in an old, dark kitchen as He is in a Stainglass chapel. T

Mother Theresa once said that “God walks among the pots in the pans”.

We are invited to listen, not as a teleport into some ethereal world, but as a means of God, discovering God in the MUNDANE.

I’d love to have to listen in on this weeks Permission to Pause Podcast and think a bit more about this with me!


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Have a blessed week friend! Say hello below or on social media wherever you might be!!


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