Pause and EXHALE

I have a question for you today—my question is this…When is the last time you have INTENTIONALLY EXHALED?

Intentionally let go of a deep breath?

A surrendering breath?

I had a friend ask me that question the other day and it caught me off guard a bit—

We have all heard the phrase—“Don’t hold your breath,” right?

We know what that expression really means—it means—it probably won’t happen; or won’t happen for a long time.

The message behind that phrase is NOT faith filled. It is rather the opposite.

We hold our breath (ie TAKE BREATH IN BUT DON’T LET IT OUT) when we are stressed; anxious; upset or frustrated. There are so many times when we, without realizing it, hold our breath—we inhale/suck breath in- but we don’t release it as deeply, we don’t EXHALE—

Prayer is a kind of an EXHALE.

On my podcast this week we take a minute to PAUSE–EXHALE and let it all go! I hope you will join me–

A few verses of scripture have come to my heart over and over—

In Gen 2:7 it says God breathed into man the BREATH OF LIFE—

THAT was an EXHALE from God into man–

In John 20:21 Jesus says—

Peace be with you as the Father has sent me, I am sending you—with that he EXHALED (my word) on them and said—RECEIVE the Holy Spirit—

Jesus EXHALED POWER into the disciples!

Let’s take some time to consider our breathing, especially our EXHALE and allowing our breath to release the Faith that we stand upon.

Let me suggest as you pause to stand up—place your left hand over your heart and lungs and your right hand on your back, palm out, stretch straight and tall drawing your body towards heaven and breathe!

As you take a breath in—focus on letting that breath go fully out—EXHALE/RELEASE.

Lord, thank you that you are the breath we breath. That as we inhale, we draw in the very breath of life and as we EXHALE, we release trust, faith, hope and the knowing that YOU are taking care of our needs, you hear our prayers and dispel our fears and anxious thoughts.

As it says in the Psalms, you will handle what concerns me. Amen.

Blessings friend—remember to EXHALE this week!

Also, don’t forget that on my website you can find what I call a Deeper Dive into most episodes of P2P—if you visit and go way back to my beginning you will find a FREE prayer tool that applies the word BREATHE in an acrostic form to a simple prayer plan.

Thanks for joining me, see you next time!


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