One Pouty Puppy

The quiet, the loneliness, the clean bathrooms!!!! YUK!!!

You would think we would be used to this by now but we just aren’t. The baby of our family has returned to college after a nice long Christmas break. I love to know that she is safe and sound each night, asleep in her bedroom upstairs. (Although, I have to admit, we sometimes disagree about how LONNNNGGGG she sleeps!)

As much as her Dad and I miss her each time she leaves there is one family member who actually GRIEVES. She mopes around for days unable to accept her loss. She sits outside our daughters bedroom door, waiting for her to return. If I should happen to turn a light on upstairs, she goes blasting up the steps two at a time to seek her Mama.

Her name is Lucy.

Lucy was a gift that Julianna gave to herself. I mentioned a few posts back that my Dad died just after Thanksgiving 6 years ago. My Mom gave a small financial gift to each Grandchild in his memory. Julianna spent every cent of her money to buy Lucy. She is a MaltiPom mix. She is a great dog and has been practically perfect since she was a puppy. Sweet, obedient, non-shedding and potty trained in a few weeks.

Lucy truly has few vices.

When Julianna is home, Lucy does not leave her side and literally burrows under the covers to sleep at her feet each night. She is also quite happy to stay sleeping with Julianna as morning becomes afternoon. They are a great match!!

Since Julianna packed up and headed south a few days ago, Miss Lucy has not given up hope that she will soon return. My hearts goes out to her as she waits patiently here on the steps. I keep telling her that Julianna loves her, has not forgotten her and will soon return but she is not satisfied. She just keeps waiting and pouting.

I am trying to avoid it but I think it is inevitable that sooner or later I will have a fat white puppy sleeping at the foot of my bed next to my feet.

I hope my honey doesn’t get jealous but honestly, sometimes it does those men good to have a little competition, of the canine kind anyway!!

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  1. Our puppy is now at the foot of our bed! He is lonely without our Milo so now he is getting us!!!! They are such a wonderful addition to our families, loving us unconditionally. Just like God. He loves us unconditionally.

    Love, Jennifer

  2. What sweet puupy!

    Reading your post made me laugh and cry,Lucy does look sad. But in a few days I’m sure she’ll be just as cozy under the covers next to your feet 🙂


  3. I have to admit that I’m not a dog lover, but Lucy is adorable!!!

    Your writing invited a question in my heart: Do I long for Christ’s return so much that I’m looking and listening “on the steps”, or does He think I’ve forgotten about Him? How am I demonstrating my longing to see Him? Something to ponder today.

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Awe! I wish I had someone love me that much! Just kidding!!!

    I bet a little treat would help Lucy get her mind off of missing Julianna. (Food ALWAYS helps)

  5. Poor little thing! Our little guy misses Emmie when she leaves, but I don’t think he looks quite that pouty. Maybe it’s because he’s a boy and doesn’t get the value and power of a good pout! :o)

  6. Has Lucy not acted this way in the past when Julianne has left? Where does she normally sleep? I’m guessing she has slept alone except on Julianne’s visits.

    I’m not a dog lover but boy, it sure sounds like the kind of love I could use…especially the no shedding and potty trained.

    I’m guessing the Malti portion is a Maltise? I’d like to have a little bitty dog like Linda and 2nd cup….her dog Zoe is about half the size of Lucy.

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