On the Fifth Day of Christmas

My TRUE LOVE gave to me..His Spirit.

Those of us who love God’s Word, or are learning to love it, or even those who want to love it but just don’t know where to start…we have a Hero who is working on our behalf. He WANTS us to “get it”. He wants us to be filled with it and overflow as we go. The Holy Spirit, the 3rd man of the Trinity, is fully focused on your desire to be filled.

We meet Him in Genesis and we see His greatest work in the Birth of Jesus,

The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the MOST HIGH will overshadow you. So the Holy One to be born will be called The Son of God”. Luke 1:35

It seems to me that the thirst for God’s Word is especially unquenchable during the advent season. We long for the story of Christ’s birth even more than ever. Music promises it. Light promises it. Giving promises it. Gatherings promise it. We long for truth and hope and companionship. We want to “get it”.

Last night I saw that hope. I pushed a silly little button that popped up on my new Facebook page that said “invite friends to join you”. I thought OK..that sounds cool, let’s do THAT! So I did that. I tapped the first name on the “invite” list and the second and the third when a stirring happened in me and that “visitor”–The Holy Spirit of God IN ME–whispered for my attention. “Pat, pray for them”….whhhhaattt…I’m just working on Facebook “friends” here. I don’t really KNOW a lot of these people. We have crossed paths at events, or in a Facebook group, or a speaking engagement, but I don’t know their lives. I don’t know their needs. I don’t even know most of their FACES.

“Pray for them–and tell them you prayed for them”.

End of discussion.

So I prayed. My prayers were not eloquent or lengthy. I just called out names. I called out the “list” in bulk. I called out as The Holy Spirit led me to.


What happened next, blew me away as I began to receive message after message telling me of the pain, of the loss, of the heartbreak, of the pending moments until seeing Jesus face to face. I was overwhelmed by the simple “thank you for praying for me” responses that came to my Facebook page.

I received one message from a SON who was sitting at his mother’s bedside, reading Facebook to her, speaking for her, as she waited for her final breath. She had heard me speak and knew my face. She knew from my speaking that I love Jesus. She knew from my speaking that I love God’s Word and she knew from my speaking that I love COMMUNITY! I love CONNECTION and especially love CONNECTING women to each other for support and cheering and picking each other up off the hard turf of life. She dictated to her son as he typed, He politely introduced himself and told me of his mother’s (my Facebook FRIEND) short journey from “brain tumor” to “Goodbye..I love you”. I was shaken to my core.

The Holy Spirit led ME, to pray. He led ME to call out her name! What a privilege.

So today–I stay in that Spirit-led place of praying for others, some I know, some I don’t. If the Holy Spirit prompts your heart to join me–YEAH! Lets’ do this together!

If I can pray for you today please  just tell me so by clicking on “Comment” above. You can tell me your story there–or NOT–just say YES–PRAY.

If you are JOINING me in prayer, I’d love to hear that as well!

My love and blessings today–


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  1. Thank you once again. As the holidays approach, yesterday I missed dad badly. He’s been with Jesus a year and a half now and he was my everything. I also grieved the lack of a child. Been married 14 years, and no children yet. Been through every hoop – nothing wrong with my husband or I. Being still and waiting on the lord. Peace came over me, I read you prayed for me and I slept very well. Thank you!

  2. Please pray for two friends, one who is at the end of her life–pancreatic cancer; the other is expecting her 2nd child at any time. She went to doctor’s appointment and he sent her right to the hospital. Pray that mother and baby will be fine. Thanks!

    I’d love to pray with you too, so I’ll check out your friends on FB.

    Blessings, Pat!

  3. Thank you for your wonderful post. Please pray for me as I go to school again in my season of life and hopefully start my own business as a Life coach someday. I am struggling with self confidence however I am praying daily that the Lord will help me to embrace and accept where I am right now. Thank you so much for your prayers.

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