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My Personal Praise and A HUGE Announcement!

I interrupt this Day 15 of our 24 Day/Hour journey with you with a huge praise report of my own.

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Yesterdays Day 14 focus was on Psalm 139:14 

“I PRAISE YOU because…..”

We chatted about the healing and freedom filled choice to PRAISE GOD for all the great things He has done and is doing in our lives.

Today, I want to share one of those things God has done and is doing in MY life!

My first published book Surrendering the Secret is a Bible Study that was published by Lifeway Christian Resources. It was released in it’s entirety–the Bible Study, Leader Guide and Video series in 2019. 10 years ago!

The entire process of that book being published was nothing less than a miracle from the very first discussion. It was one of those things that happens in life when there is NO OTHER WAY but God’s divine hand and blessing.

Since the release in 2009 thousands upon thousands have found healing from a past abortion through it’s pages and thousands upon thousands of leaders from pregnancy crisis centers, counseling centers and churches have been trained to offer this ministry in their churches and communities.

This year–IN FACT TODAY IS RELEASE DAY–Lifeway has updated and beautified the material to be set free into the world in a fresh way!

We are about to reach MORE!

We know that this is a huge mission field waiting to hear of God’s redeeming love.

Over 60 MILLION lives have been lost to abortion since it’s legalization in the US.

For every life lost their is a Mother and a Father whose lives were permanently changed as a result of their decision. A member of their family–their own son or daughter–was sacrificed on the alter of fear, convenience, abandonment, rejection or hopelessness. Some hide that pain and loss for the rest of their lives, convinced of their own unworthiness and ashamed to share.

Some statics quote as many as 40% of women of child bearing age has had a past abortion.

Here are some recent facts about abortion and the Church in the US from Carenet last year:

  • 70% of women who have had an abortion indicate their religious preference is Christian.
  • 35% of Christian women who have had an abortion indicate they currently attend church once a week or more.
  • 36% of women were attending a Christian church once a month or more at the time of their first abortion.
  • As women considered their abortion decision, the most typical reactions/expectations from a local church were “judgmental” (33%) or “condemning” (26%.)
  • 51% of women agree that churches do not have a ministry prepared to discuss options during an unplanned pregnancy.

I am beyond thrilled to serve alongside a team of trained and passionate leaders who are committed to help change those stats.

I pray that you will join us!

Regardless of wether or not you have personally experienced an abortion in your past–this I know–you too are a sinner saved by grace! You can help! I hope you will!

Please visit the Surrendering the Secret website and find out how!

Praising God with You For the Great Things He has Done!

In His Grip–


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