10 Things I Prayed for My Children and Grandchildren Today

Prayers for my Family

Father God, in the sweet name of Jesus; in the presence of The Father, The Son and by the Power of the Holy Spirit, I bring my children and grandchildren before your throne, again, today.

1) I praise you and thank you that each one has received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. May they continually grasp and understand how far, how wide and how deep is the love that caused you to give Your ONLY Son for them.

John 3:16

2) I pray that again today, they will each commit their lives to Christ and be filled with the Holy Spirit in a fresh way. May they recognize Jesus is the name above all names, Lord of all. I pray that they will trust HIM ALONE and not lean to our own understanding.

Phil 2:9-11

Proverbs 3:5-6

Eph 5:18   1:23  4:13

3) That they know YOU Intimately Your Names; Your Word; Your Will; Your Heart

Daniel 11:32b

Phil 3:10

Ps 9:10

4) They will take time today to Pray and Praise You and be always going to new levels in BOTH.

Mark 10:14-15

Matt 21:16

Phil 4:6

5) That each one KNOWS WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST! I pray Lord, that each one of of my children and grandchildren is securely ROOTED in our identity in YOU—Not accomplishments, people, possessions, titles—Just YOU. I pray that our security rest in YOU ALONE. In the good times and in the hard times. Give us Christ centered confidence and worth. Give us your mind Lord. Your mind is clear. Your mind is focused. Your mind is filled with things that are good, lovely, faith fixed.

Eph 1:4,7,11-14

Col 1:27

6) They will be Protected from the evil one, satan, by the BLOOD OF JESUS. We have HIS Power of Attorney. We have HIS NAME! Bind the enemy from my family Lord. Guard us from his schemes and lies. Guard their thoughts and minds from falling for his JUNK!

John 17:15

1 John 4:4

7) Receive YOUR LOVE as MORE THAN ENOUGH–the LOVE of the Father—A love that NO MAN OR WOMAN can give. I pray that my children have the assurance of your great LOVE Lord. Over and above, far exceeding any human love that I or their Dad can provide. Your love is extravagant, unconditional, and unbreakable. “Father” them Lord, by your Holy Spirit. Let each one sense your ARMS OF LOVE every minute of every day.

1 John 3:1

8) Above all things I pray that my children and grandchildren Love the WORD of God. I pray that my family possess an increasing, unquenchable love for your Word Lord. That we will treasure your Word in our Hearts. That your Word matters more than success, more than favor, more than comfort, more than reputation. More. Teach us to hide your Word deep in our hearts and KNOW WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT ANYTHING AND EVERTHING so that when the enemy whispers his lies in our ears, we will hear your voice saying THIS IS THE WAY—WALK HERE!!!

Ps 119:127-30  159-162

9) I pray today that EACH OF US will Hate SIN and Love holiness, righteousness and press daily for Spirit Filled Living—Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Self-Control, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness. Giving one another the grace that you have extended to each of us.

Ps 119:9, 11, 12

2 Tim 2:22

Romans 16:19b

Proverbs 8:13

10) Each one will Grow Daily in Maturity in YOU. I pray that my family will be built on the foundation of Jesus, and grow in grace—always sensing your presence. Build us u Lord, in love, faith, spiritual strength, and thankfulness

Luke 2:52

Eph 4:15

Col 2:6-7

In Jesus Priceless name and for His Glory.

If you prayed this along with me, let me know and I will stand in agreement with you today. We need one another.


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    1. I have prayed this prayer, and I’m believing God that my kids snd grandkids steps will be steady and sure.

    2. I prayed this prayer for my children and grandchildrens the rest my family members. I agree with this prayed this prayer that you are always be with them. And loss of family member who loss there mother and grandmother and she left behind 4 young men, and 6 grandbabies..

    3. Pleasevpray that I get to see my son and grand children I miss them so much! There are certain family dynamics that are trying to push wedges between us! Right now bc of a certain family member our relationship is not as it should be. My son is more worried about inherentance/money from this family member.than a strong healthy relationship with me! I pray for more togetherness! My heart is breaking! It is hard not seeing them for holidays and overnight weekends!

  1. Beautiful! I will be praying these things for the baby in my womb. That’s right – we found out this week that I am PREGNANT!! Praise the Lord!! I’ve actually been finding myself at a loss for how to pray for our baby and this pregnancy, so thank you for this 🙂

  2. Oh Lisa,
    How precious. I am honored. I pray in agreement with you for you unborn son or daughter–being knit together right now 🙂
    Blessings mamma!

  3. Loved this prayer Pat so much!! We do all need to keep praying for our kids and grandkids, loved all of them but esp # 8 to give them a hunger for God’s word! Can’t wait to see you in Grand Rapids Mi!! So excited!! Let the count down begin!!

  4. Thank-you for guiding us into beautiful and precious prayers for our children!! Praying….praying…praying…

  5. I prayed this prayer for my three children and my grandson who is 3. I Pray that they will grow in Gods word and will look to him and live for Him. I pray for My oldest Daughter who is going through a hard time for she is leaving her husband after alot of mental abuse she just cant take it anymore and dont need to be in that kind of relationship I pray that as hse makes this move that God will bless her with people that will help her not to go back to that and that all will work out and she will soon have her son with her by her side she is working and going to school God Bless her. Please help me pray for her both mental physical and most of all financially. Thank you

  6. Yes, I did say this prayer for my kids and grandkids, please continue to pray for my family! Thank you! I posted this on my facebook, too!

  7. I prayed these prayers for my all my household family (I have five children, 3 sons-in-law), my new grandson born out of wedlock, my daughter and son-in-law hoping to adopt soon, and all my grandchildren – those born and unborn.

  8. I prayed this prayer along with you for my family. Thank you. I believe God hears our prayers and will answer them. My trust and faith is in Him. Please continue to pray for my family as God leads you. He knows our needs. Thank you

  9. Prayer for my grandson and grandaughter, Sara and Roman.. 18 and 17 yrs old.. On drugs and destroying their lives…I speak to them about the Lord and pray for them everyday.. Jesus do your will in them amen

  10. Amen, thank you Lord, for all the children / grandchildren in the world. Bless and protect them, bless them with wisdom and knowledge. And when they study grant them memory capacity to retain what they study and when they write their exams a confidence that comes from above so that the knowledge will pour out onto the answer papers. I pray this in Jesus name, amen! Thank you Lord. I love you my God.

  11. That Prayer us EVERYTHING I ALWAYS talk n pray to God, you just put it in the perfect words n scripture! THANK YOU now ill pray it using this thank you!!!

    1. please pray for my 3 daughters and their husbands I have 5 grandchildren the oldest one is 17 and going down the wrong road. She has been underage drinking smoking pot was in a car wreck a couple months with 5 other people .The driver was the only one hurt but not bad He was driving drunk at 3 oclock in the morning. Its only by Gods Grace that she survived that crash the vehicle was totaled .Shes grounded for 3 months supposeally Her mom wont stick to her . punishment. Please please help me pray for them. I know God hears my prayers but Im afraid we are losing her to satan.

  12. Please pray for my son, who is walking down the rd. of destruction. He once was saved and knew Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He has such a terrible anger problem that is so out of control. Needs immediate prayer. Pray for my other son, who also has a lot of anger inside of him. He married and is having martial problems. Pray for him that all that bitterness and anger will be drawn out if him from the root of it. Please pray for my daughter who has a very stronghold on her. An ex boyfriend and his mother is literally trying to turn her against me, and we have had a close relationship. They take v her money. She had kids and when she involve herself with these people, she lose focus. They are so evil. They both had abused my daughter. Please pray!! Thank you.

  13. I pray for my grandchildren my son is trying to get custody of them due to neglect. I pray the Judge sees the truth that they need a stable home and someone there caring for them. They are only 8 and 11. In Jesus Name our Father please protect them.

  14. Yes and amen! I have been looking for something like this to pray over them especially my granddaughter and son right now. The enemy is defeated in the name of Jesus!

  15. thank you for these prayers, I believe that these prayers will work, together in prayer we stand amen

  16. Hello…Peace of The Lord Jesus Christ be with you and family…I stand in aggrement with you… I have “7” grandsons…no granddaughters…2 greatgreat grandson….I well continue to pray this prayer for them…cause I have dedicated them to be used by The Lord Jesus Christ….” As for me and my household we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15 NIV


      1. Thanks for the anoited prayer touch and agree for my 4 grandchildren their parents and for me we need each other in this trying times .Continue to prayvfor others be blessed.

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  19. I’m praying this prayer for my children and grandchildren please agree with me. There’s so much chaos between my daughter n her partner sergio they have children together n he is verbally abusive to my daugbter.

  20. Thank you so much for this prayer. I really deep in my heart was searching for these exact words to pray for my grandchildren and especially my children. I am most worried about my son who has said that he is not a believer ever since he took a course in college about religion. Thank you so much these are the exact words that I wanted to pray. You are a blessing.

  21. I not only just prayed this, but i wrote it down so that I can continue to pray.
    I pray that my sons will know that they are loved by God and I pray they will grow in His Grace and Word, and Salvation.
    My boys don’t get along at all, they do not speak to each other and have not for years.
    Please Pray.
    Thank You for this.

  22. I am not only will be praying this for my grandchildren but my children also.
    I printed the prayer out and made up a prayer binder just for the grandchildren.
    Thank you so much!!!!

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  25. Under your prayer for children and grandchildren you said, that if we just prayed that prayer with you, to let you know and you will stand in agreement with me. Yes we need each other in Christ! Thank you

  26. Hi, you said at the end of your prayer for children and grandchildren that if we just prayed this prayer with you, to let you know and you’ll stand in agreement with me. Yesss we need each other in Christ! Thank you


  27. I love this and want to pray this daily. Our prayers continue down through generations, and I ask the Lord to honor those prayers for those in our family tree, for ages to come, that His Name would be praised, as He has been so kind to me.

  28. I prayed this prayer for our children and grandchildren. Please come into agreement with me. Thank you so much. God bless

  29. I read this prayer today, I believe Our Lord & Savior will come to My 4 childrens add. I always ask for prayers for them too. Please & Thank you.

  30. FINALLY HAPPY TO WIN MY EX BACK.. Aww this is awesome Chris Kim……………………

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