Mulching Mamma Maniac!

I am sitting for a few minutes with a cup of coffee looking at the birds flock to my freshly mulched and manicured back yard lawn.

It has been a “BLAST” of a weekend in more ways than one.
As I shared in my last post, I decided last week that my schedule of travel over the next few weekends was going to make it very challenging to get my Spring yard refreshing done before the weather turned too hot for me to tolerate! Many of you have emailed and blog commented since then,  about your snow, rain and generally yucky weather. 
I am so sorry about your luck, but, hope you can live vicariously through my Florida weather for a few sunny moments.
My makeover has taken 3 days but actually only about 12 total hours, including shopping!
It started on Friday afternoon when I picked my oldest G-girl up from school and took her with me to the garden shop after a quick stop at Mickey D’s.
We bought too many flowers then headed home to get to work, THIS was waiting!

We “worked” a little however we had a few– swim, Popsicle, potty and “I want to plant something G”, diversions. All well worth the delays!
This is my G-Flower!

We worked for about 4 hours before I had to get dressed for a wonderful weekend event with Extraordinary Women at Idlewild Baptist Church in Tampa. The Woman;s Ministry team kindly invited “Surrendering the Secret” and “A Woman’s Place Ministries/Life Impact Network” to have a ministry display.

It was AWESOME!!! Nothing like stopping for a God break with a few sisters!! 

The team of speakers and the worship team brought it!!! God’s Word was pouring out like rain on a dry ground. Us girls were hungry and did not leave disappointed. I especially enjoyed a visit with my sweet friend Angela Thomas. She physically and spiritually “SHINED” during her session as she encouraged us to Surrender All for our Worthy and Able God! Angela truly delivers God’s redeeming love at a sweeter and deeper level every time I have the privilege of hearing her.
After I returned home on Saturday afternoon I got right to work and worked until 9 pm!!
One of my NEW adventures was a special mulch I had ordered at the advice of one of my dearest and oldest friends (time–not age), gardener extraordinaire, who shares her dream garden at Hoe and Shovel. The problem is that Meems does this stuff full time and I do this 2 or 3 times a year. Regardless of the “wonders” of this mulch…..wonder woman I am not. 
I thought it was WAY too Messy and WAY too Much WORK!! 
It comes in “blocks” that have to be soaked in water before spreading. I had NO IDEA!! I had mulch in my ears, nose and hair—not to mention my G-Girls mess!

It does look pretty though.

At the end of the day, it was all worth it!

After my mulching meltdown, I began to pop some plants into pots.
Sunny Daisy’s by the goldfish pond….
A few hanging pots in the front…..
some pool color………..
a few of the broken pieces even made it into my house to perk up the inside!
 The Family Room
The Living/Dining Room
Of course, after all the fun, I ended the day with washing down decks and picking up trash.
I fell into bed at midnight, my feet and legs hurt so badly I was moaning!
However, I woke up to this!!!

And This…..

And this!!!
View from the kitchen table! This is my posting position complete with a cup of hot coffee, tinkling wind chimes and cardinals who have told me that LOVE THE NEW SPRING GARDEN!!
PS….The furniture is courtesy of my number one son (age!) . You can check out his amazing talent at Remodeling Guy!!
Enjoy Winter Sisters!!

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  1. Girl! I need to come over and soak up some of that springtime you’ve got going over there! It look MAHVELOUS!

    There’s no way I could’ve done E-women this weekend, but am I really going to be sad I missed it?? Oh well…I’ll just count on you for a recap. :o)

  2. With snow on Thursday, it doesn’t seem very much like Spring. I am definitely living vicariously through people who are experiencing Spring. At least this week looks a little more promising.

    Your yard looks beautiful and brightens the rainy and dreary day here in TN! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. MJM!! So gald you came for “sweet tea” and hope you felt just a bit of spring time from the visit!
    Sure wish you were going to be here with Daphne and Trisha, we will miss you!

    TRADER!!! (JK, of course) You know what you’ve done!!

  4. There. Don’t you feel better now that you did your annual whirlwind spring fling in the garden? And this time before it got too terribly hot- although this weekend has been above normal (read:sweating in the garden).It looks as beautiful as it always does when you’ve “popped” in your plants.

    I have to give a bit of a rebuttle on the Mulch Block. I found it to be extremely easy to use. One of the benefits are that you aren’t cutting down a cypress tree to save a flower bed. Remember? It is made of coconut fiber and it is lightweight in the block and then expands. (Just giving folks another look at it because I like it so much).It looks so much better than that red stuff don’t you think?

    Great job on the garden… and the mulch!
    (BTW- thanks for the link love to my garden blog).
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  5. Hey Mom!

    The yard is looking great! I’ll have to come see it first hand this week!

    See you later!


  6. Oh,how I love the warmth of the sun,that’s why I live in NY. (HA,HA)

    Your hard work paid off…beautiful!

    love and hugs~Tammy

  7. The finished backyard looks wonderful! It was probably well worth the hard work involved. I always enjoy reading your son and daughter-in-law’s blogs. I can’t believe they’ve only been blogging a short while. They are so good! It must be the age. They probably grew up with computers. It’s taken me much longer.

    I’ve read several of Angela Thomas’ books and enjoyed them. I’ve also been to an Extraordinary Woman conference several years ago when they came to Phoenix. I lived in Clearwater, FL for several years and several of my family members continue to live in the area so I often come to visit. It’s a great place to live!

  8. Pat your yard and flowers look so beautiful! I used to be an avid gardener myself. This makes me miss it. I love checking your blog! It’s sweet like you. 🙂

  9. You have encouraged me more than you’ll ever know tonight. I popped by earlier and was so excited about the blessing you were to me, I decided to come back when I could stay longer. I am now reading with tears streaming down my face thanking God for sending you my way tonight.

    Do you live in Tampa?

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