More Than Enough GRACE!

Greetings Friend, Welcome to the 4th Monday of the Month in my brand new Month of Mondays Bible study series! (hmmmm. That’s a mouthful :)))

So, FIRST OFF–my giveaway–congratulations to Julie B for winning my giveaway of From Hot Mess to Blessed by my friend Julie Gilles. If you missed her post please check it out here and if you are not Julie B, I hope you will take a look at this awesome book! You will absolutely love every page–I promise!

So, our theme for the month is RECEIVE and our verse for this week is John 1:16

16 Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given.


Can we just say a collective “THANK YOU LORD” just for those words?!!

Jesus has MORE THAN ENOUGH GRACE! This is such good news to me. Honestly, I have been intentionally pressing into Jesus for over 33 years and I’m telling you friend, I run out of personal grace on a daily basis. Grace for myself and my own shortcomings, grace for the people I know and love and grace for the people I don’t know but am still called to love!

If I didn’t believe this verse with every fiber of my being, I simply could not survive. I surely couldn’t keep on keeping on.

I just mess up far too OFTEN!

So, this week, using your BEAUTIFUL FREE CALENDAR (click here to receive one on the first of each month by signing up for my newsletter A REFRESHING PAUSE) we are going to think about that grace, we are going to share some of that grace and we are going to RECEIVE ALL of God’s abundant grace.

Can I just get real and tell you, I think the area I am struggling in most right now, the area I need some of that extra grace, is my thought life. I share about UNSTUCK THOUGHTS in my book Life Unstuck but still, sometimes I just let the cares of the world, concerns for my own well being or that of others, just drag me down and I don’t mean to my knees! I mean in my spirit, in my heart. Too much worry–not enough faith in grace.

Let’s follow the daily prompts on the August calendar and RECEIVE together shall we?

How about you? How can I pray for you this week?

Would you be willing to share with me where you grace struggle has landed lately?

In His Grace!


ps–I am traveling this week to Washington DC and would love to share some travel tales with you! Stay close will ya?

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