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More Secrets to Uncover

My ministry life has swirled around breaking down the bondage of secrets.

My abortion recovery ministry Surrendering the Secret has reached THOUSANDS of women, men, and couples with the healing power of TRUTH. Transparency and sharing the word of our testimony (Rev 12;11) opens the way to FREEDOM from often long-held heartbreak!

For the past few months, I have joined several hundred women to dig into God’s Word and look at some women in the Bible who lived in the bondage of secrets.

In October, we unfolded the story of Abigail using my FREE ONLINE STUDY. We had so much fun with that study that we have moved on to Quiet Quest study #2 and are breaking down Hannah’s secrets.

We are only on Day #2 if you would like to join us, grab the link from right here on my website in the SHOP and let’s talk about SECRETS!

See you there–



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