Monday Morning Manna–SEEDS

Good Monday Morning my friends–oh what a week last week was for me. We taped the video promo (just a short video that will hopefully inspire you to get a copy when it releases in March) for my new book.

I am excited to get started with something new (or not so new) this week. I shared a good dose of 2015 Blog Goals with you in my last post. You all responded so preciously. You blessed my heart and gave me the courage and inspiration to keep plugging away on this little blog.

As I said, my passion, my sweet spot, my really happy place is studying and teaching God’s Word. My hearts desire is to INSPIRE you to LOVE IT and EMBRACE it along with me. I want to be a CONTAGIOUS GOD CHASER!

I tried sharing this last plan year but moving both my home and my office, writing 2 new books and moving all 3 children and grandchildren to other cities, left me NO TIME for consistency. Hopefully, this year will be calmer so here I go again with  SEEDS…this time with an easier plan, fewer rules, fewer promises and very tender expectations placed upon myself and you. We will meet right here on Mondays, “most of the time” 🙂


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As I shared in my last post–“It’s All About da Base”, I am writing out of MY need to write and MY heart to share and praying it meets YOUR need to study and YOUR heart to connect, but I am CERTAIN that it won’t do that every day.

Here is the SEED of the Week as I begin to share about some women God chose to place in His Holy Word, The Bible and how those women relate to us as women today in pressing in for LIFE UNSTUCK!

My choice of the week is –Pharaoh’s Daughter. Her story is found in Exodus 2:5-10.

About that time one of the king’s[a] daughters came down to take a bath in the river, while her servant women walked along the river bank. She saw the basket in the tall grass and sent one of the young women to pull it out of the water.

Contemporary English Version (CEV)

The memory verse for me is this week is not even an entire verse–the first 3 words captured my heart and I knew God has a message for me out of them—“About that time” as found in the Contemporary English Version of the Bible.


I have so much to share about this story.

For now, if you are joining me for SEEDS, here is my suggested method of study:

Day One–SCRIPTURE verse for the week. Write the verse on a 3X5 card and keep it in front of you all week. Your car, refrigerator, bathroom mirror or desk at work. Anyplace you will see it over and over and allow God to plant it in your heart.

Day Two–EXAMINE the verse and journal what God is saying to YOU personally from His Word. How does this apply to your life right now? What is God saying to you? What does He want you to see? hear? understand? do?

Day Three–EXPERIENCE and ENJOY it. Us it for your Wednesday “hump day” inspiration. Imagine Jesus saying those words directly to you and LISTEN to what He says to you personally from the words. How do they matter to you right now? This would be a great time to share your thoughts under COMMENTS on either of my blogs and be entered in a regular drawing.

Day Four–DEPOSIT it. Memorize the verse.

Day Five–SOW and SHARE it. Find someone to share God’s hope with. Tell somebody about Jesus today and maybe use your memorized verse in conversation.

 I would be so blessed if you would please take a quick minute to tell me in the comments below, that you are joining me. 

I hope I caught all the typos but–It’s about da base….’bout da base….

TUNE IN TOMORROW–or better yet subscribe to my blog (Did I say that already?) TO HEAR HOW YOU CAN BE A PART MY BOOK RELEASE TEAM AND WIN SOME COOL STUFF–Did I say “BOOTS”? 🙂

Blessings today!



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  1. Hello, Pat! I am subscribed to your blog and love it! I am going to be with you on the S.E.E.D.S. journey. So cool! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm.

  2. Hello beautiful! I am joining u for SEEDS from lovely (gritting my teeth) cold Lancaster PA. Looking foward akways to a deeper walk with my Saviour, close intimate fellowship with my sisters abs getting to know you more. Prayers if protection and blessings..
    Pam Cruz

  3. I luv reading your blog-your enthusiasm for the Lord,scripture, and life along with sharing right where U R at “today” gives encouragement to me. Keep writing 4 U! I’ll be joining the SEEDS study. Looking forward to depositing scripture nuggets. -Jodie

  4. I too will be joining in on the SEEDS journey. I am looking forward to the weekly assignments and listening in on what Jesus has to say through His Word.

    1. Thank you Liana–what a pretty name 🙂 Thank you for joining the SEEDS team–PLEASE share what God shows you as we go along!

      1. Thank you Pat! I always kind of hated my name growing up because it was so different, but the older I’ve gotten the more I have learned to appreciate it.

        Okay- ready for my novel? 🙂 Hope you can make sense of the rantings of this mad-woman, but here’s what I picked up on out of this week’s verse:

        About that time one of the King’s daughters came down to take a bath in the river, while her servant women walked along the riverbank. She saw the basket in the tall grass and sent one of the young women to pull it out of the water.

        One thing I’ve learned about myself through the years, is that time can really be a finicky thing for me. In certain situations, I am about all about punctuality- getting somewhere “on time,” completing an activity in a certain amount of time, and certainly making sure that I am pulling that fresh batch of cookies out of the oven on time.

        Yet, in other situations my context of time can be nowhere to be found. In reality, I am usually running late no matter how hard I try and make it out the door when I’m supposed to. I know I’ve also let people down before because, for whatever reason, our timing didn’t seem to match up. And I can’t even begin to count all the hours I’ve wasted doing nonessentials, when I could have been spending time in God’s Word, with my family, or simply ministering to someone in need. (And let’s not even talk about all of the innocent food I’ve ruined because of my poor timing!)

        As humans, we seem obsessed with time, really. We do our best to manipulate it to fit our needs, while simultaneously finding ourselves completely floored when things are not happening according to “our timing.” Why now? Why couldn’t they have said it sooner? If only they had checked on this a little earlier. I wish I could back and fix this…

        No matter how hard we try, time is not a force that we can control; yet it is something that, whether we like it or not, we are all subject to. While we can’t control time, we CAN submit our need for control to the Creator of time.

        The “timing” of this passage is so important to the life of Moses. God saw the situation at hand, and He knew that this story must unfold to the benefit of His people. If Pharaoh’s daughter had not gone down to the river when she felt the prompting to do so, she could have missed that sweet little baby altogether.

        God’s timing in it all was impeccable. He saved the life of the infant Moses, He answered ‘YES’ to the prayers of a heartsick mama, and He was able to bless the sweet devotion that this big sister had for her young brother. The daughter of Pharaoh could never have imagined that as she went to bathe at the river that morning, on an ordinary day just like any other, she would come upon her future son- not to mention the very man who would rise up to free the Hebrew people from her family’s tyrannical rule!

        She simply followed the prompting of her heart, and answered God’s call without even knowing it. About that time could be anytime in our own lives. We never know what gifts God is sending down the rivers of our own stories, or what life altering changes are coming our way. But we can respond to God’s timing, and the promptings He gives each and every one of us.

        There are certainly special times and seasons in all of our lives when we know God is moving without a doubt. But, it seems that God calls us not only during those times, but in the ordinary days as well. Its during those times when we feel that life is mundane, routine, and certainly not extraordinary that God can and will move in big and unexpected ways.

        In one of my devotions, I read a statement that says, “Sometimes [we] are tempted to take shortcuts, in order to reach [our] goal as quickly as possible. But, if the shortcut requires turning [our] back on [His] peaceful Presence, [we] must choose the longer route.” Relinquishing our sense of time into God’s hand is no easy task, but by doing so we give Him the power to move in ways we could never expect. All He asks is that we trust Him, and that like Pharaoh’s daughter; we spring to action when we feel His call.

        1. Wow–Wow–Wow!
          Liana, I loved all that you have shared. your insights help spark the already brewing thoughts God has given me this past week in these verses.
          I loved these words:
          “No matter how hard we try, time is not a force that we can control; yet it is something that, whether we like it or not, we are all subject to. While we can’t control time, we CAN submit our need for control to the Creator of time.”
          Thank you so much for sharing!!
          Please keep it up!

  5. Pat, as I am going through my week of S.E.E.D.S., I feel that God is speaking to me through this weeks scripture, by reminding me to be aware of my surroundings. There may be something that God wants me to notice, if only I would take the time to slow down and observe. 🙂 Great lesson.

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