“MOMENTum” is building for Lifeway’s Fully Loaded and Lonely Author Bribes (I mean treats)

Are you looking for special times of friendship?

personal refreshment?

advanced training?

plain good God teaching?

unmatched worship???

If the answer is YES…Get yourself to the 2009 National Women’s Leadership Forum.

This has been my favorite event for the past 3 years. once you go, you are hooked! I have attended ministry leadership events for the past 22 years but when I attended this event for the first time in 2007 it rocked my world.

You know, you just don’t know what you are missing sometimes until you find it.

This years’ line up of speakers:

Priscilla Shirer, Mary Kassian and Pastor David Landrith will be joining none other than Travis Cottrell and Kelly Minter-—Hello!!!

As if that were not enough, when you throw in a few really fun workshop leaders like…ME!!!…….. You have yourself a weekend to remember.

I know I do!

I would love to meet you and if you come to the event, and come say “Hi” to me at the author book signing on Thursday  (I am always the lonely one with the book about “post abortion recovery”–not your favorite “girlfriend” discussion but VERY important) (That run-on sentence could be another reason why I am a lonely author)…..

Anyway…I will give you a free gift!!!! and it will NOT be a post abortion recovery book!!!

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  1. I wish you girls could go also, I not only know you would stand up with me but I also LOVE to give you treats!!

    They are very girlie and have do with with chocolate!! of course!

    I will just have to work something out for you!!!

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